photo collage of students engaging in a wine tasting.


Members of the Purdue Wine Grape Team teach three semesterlong courses and an intense 16-day Maymester course for undergraduates. They also conduct educational tours to South America and Italy for wine industry professionals.

  • FS 470 (Wine Appreciation) teaches students the history of winegrowing, studies global grape and wine production techniques, and examines the economic impact of the wine industry as part of modern agriculture. Nearly 400 students take this course each semester it is offered.
  • FS/HORT 506 (Commercial Grape & Wine Production) is a course that explores professional grape growing and wine production. It emphasizes Midwest climates, varieties, and recommended wine styles.
  • FS 564/591F (Commercial Food and Beverage Fermentations) is a study of the principles and practices of international food and beverage fermentations with emphasis on the microbiology, biochemistry and processing techniques used in commercial fermentations that utilize fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meats.
  • FS 491I (Agriculture Study Abroad) is an intense, 16-day, three-credit Maymester course that takes students to the wine producing regions of Italy. Students visit several vineyards and wineries, tour several farming and food manufacturing operations, and sample Italian art and culture.
  • HORT 421 (Fruit Production) examines the science and practice of temperate fruit production, including grapes. The course emphasizes sustainable production practices and prepares students to think critically to solve fruit problems.