3/26 Spence Behmer seminar
4/9 Nick Haddad seminar
4/10 Faith Weeks PhD defense
4/14 Carmen Blubaugh PhD defense
4/15 Faculty Meeting
4/16 Frances Sivakoff seminar
4/17 Elizabeth Rowen MS defense
4/18-4/19 BUG BOWL
4/21 Serena Gross PhD defense
4/23 John Tooker seminar

 ENTM News

Dr. Clémentine Dabire receives awardNew

​B. York

Date Added: 3/26/2015

Clementine receives award.bmp

On Friday, March 20, 2015, Dr. Clémentine Dabire from Burkina Faso in Africa was presented with a plaque recognizing her special efforts and success with the PICS program.  Department Head Steve Yaninek made the presentation.  Clémentine is pictured here with Dieudonné Baributsa, who is directing the PICS 3 program.​

Extension provides ANR training and prepares first responders

​Tim Gibb

Date Added: 3/20/2015

Extension.bmpOn Feb 5th the Purdue Entomology Extension Team invited County Extension Educators from throughout the state to come to Purdue as guests for a full day of hands-on, face-to-face Entomological training.   

Objectives of the meeting were to update the county educators on issues such as how to recognize and manage pests that have recently or will soon become serious pests in our state.  Arming county extension partners with the latest entomological information and updates will allow them to be more effective in their role as educators.   

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Buzzy Bee

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
March 12, 2015

Photo: John Obermeyer

Date Added: 3/17/2015

IBuzzy Bee.jpgf you are a baby boomer, or the parent of a baby boomer or two, you might remember a toy called Buzzy Bee. Buzzy Bee was one of the children's toys widely marketed in the U.S. during the 1950s. This was back in "BC" - before computers - so kids didn't have screen time on devices such as cell phones and video games to keep them occupied. 


This was a time when watching a TV screen was generally a family affair. The choice of what to watch was limited, because there were only three TV networks in those days. Shows such "Ozzie & Harriet", "The Red Skelton Show," "Leave It to Beaver," "Dennis the Menace" and "Lassie" were standard fare. Roy Rogers, Davy Crockett and Sky King were western heroes who engaged in fierce six-shooter battles with bad guys. There were "Looney Tunes" cartoons and a kids' variety show - "The Mickey Mouse Club." What baby boomer can forget the Mickey Mouse ear hats, the Mouseketeer roll call and the names Annette, Bobby and Doreen?  

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Zaspel lab undergrad receives award

​J. Zaspel

Date Added: 3/16/2015

Robert Behring PERC.jpgOne of the undergraduate students doing research in Dr. Zaspel's lab, Robert Behring, recently received a grant from the Prairie Biotic Research, INC.  The award was for $1,000 and the title of the project is: Ecology, Distribution, and Behavior of the Meadow Rue Owlet Moth Calyptra canadensis (Lepidoptera: Erebidae).  [Robert is on the left in the photo!]


Congratulations to all!

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