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Bug Bowl video captures all the main eventsNew

​Lakeshore Public Media

Date Added: 4/23/2014

BB 2014-2.jpg

Lakeshore Public Media from Merrillville, Indiana, sent a crew to Bug Bowl on April 12, 2014. The segment, entitled "Jump in the Lake," captures excellently the events and excitement of Bug Bowl. To view these interviews on film, click Bug Bowl 2014.

Matt Ginzel talks about gypsy moth eradication program coming up

​Jim Bush
Purdue News
April 22, 2014

Date Added: 4/22/2014


Indiana's Department of Natural Resources will use low-flying planes to spray parts of Purdue University during May and June to eradicate an invasive insect that threatens tree populations.
The insect is the gypsy moth, one of North America's most devastating forest pests, which was first accidentally introduced to the United States near Boston in 1869 by an immigrant artist turned astronomer who dabbled as an amateur entomologist. The insect has slowly spread throughout the Northeast and into parts of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes states, including Indiana.

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Jacob Shreve (MS '12) enters medical school

​Jacob Shreve

Date Added: 4/16/2014

Jacob Shreve (BS Biology '09; MS Entomology '12) has been accepted in Indiana University's School of Medshreve jacob 03.jpgicine and will begin their MD program in the fall. Jacob studied under Rich Shukle and attributes much of his success to Dr. Shukle's guidance.

Jacob relates, "I'm not quite sure ​about specializations yet, but whatever I do will likely have ways to involve genome sequencing. I've been corresponding with a professor of neurosurgery at IU about getting sponsorship for a summer research program, and he already has genomic data that needs analysis, so a surgery specilaization is definitely something I will be considering. I'm also really interested in using genomic screening in preventative medicine, so I'll just have to see where that takes me."
Congratulations to Jacob!!
To spit a cricket

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
April 10, 2014

Date Added: 4/16/2014

Cricket_spitting.jpgOne of the rites of spring here at Purdue University is an event appropriately called Spring Fest. This family-friendly event draws thousands of people to the campus over a single weekend. It is a fun-filled way to provide a glimpse of what is going on within the hallowed halls of "Good Ol' Purdue."


The Department of Entomology contributes to Spring Fest with Bug Bowl. This will be the 24th edition of this "all things insect" celebration. Bug Bowl participants have the opportunity to mimic the behavior of our long-lost ancestors and turn insects into human food. Paleo diet, anyone? If eating insects isn't your thing, you can cheer on racing cockroaches, peer through a microscope at small insects or actually touch an insect or arachnid at the petting zoo.

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