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Seminar Topic

Jan 14
Gary Bennett

Mike Dryden 
Kansas State  University                       

Theory and application of modern flea control

Jan 21

Tom Turpin
Purdue University

The use of insects in poetry

Jan 28

Matt Ginzel
Purdue University

Thousand cankers disease: enhanced detection of the insect vector and etiology of the disease within the native range of black walnut

Feb 4
Trevor Stamper
Lauren Weidner
Purdue University

Distribution and behavior of blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in New Jersey: applications is forensic entomology

Feb 11
Jen Zaspel/ Gareth Powell
Andrew Cline
California Dept of Food-Agriculture
An inordinate fondness for little brown beetles: explorations into the diversity and biology of an overlooked group of beetles

Feb 18
Laura Ingwell

Megan O'Rourke
Virginia Tech


Feb 25
Laura Ingwell

Chris Philips
University of Minnesota 


Insights into the emergent non-target effects of managing insect pests: a behavioral perspective


Mar 3
Juli Carrillo


Judy Myers
Univerisyt of British Columbia, Professor Emerita


Biological control of weeds doesn't deserve the bad rap


Mar 10


Mike Scharf
Purdue University


Omics studies in urban pest insects: discovery meets delivery


Mar 17 






Mar 24
Josh Gibson

Mar 31


Apr 7
Rick Foster/ Laura Ingwell


Apr 14
Michael Garvey


Apr 21
Priya Rajarapu


Apr 28


Arianne Cease
Arizona State Univ  

Brandi Schemerhorn
Purdue University

Shelby Fleischer
Penn State Univ


Shelley Adamo
Dalhousie University


Nannan Liu
Auburn University


Purdue undergraduates



Medical entomology










Seminars scheduled on Thursdays at 3:45 PM in the Roy L. Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research, Room 116.

****Osmun Award seminar in PFEN 241 - Deans Auditorium

Refreshments at 3:15 PM unless noted otherwise.




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