The what and why of our food supply

Jayson Lusk, who joined Purdue in July as distinguished professor and head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, was awarded the Borlaug CAST Communication Award at the 2017 World Food Prize ceremony. Presented by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, the award honors outstanding contribution to the advancement of science in the public policy arena.

Jayson Lusk speaks at the 2017 World Food Prize ceremony

Lusk studies what we eat and why we eat it, and wants to share what he learns with the rest of us. Along with his academic publications, he frequently writes articles and editorials and maintains a blog about food and agricultural economics. His books have illuminated the economic costs and benefits of farm animal welfare practices and debunked popular myths about our food and agricultural systems. His latest, Unnaturally Delicious, describes how science and technology help us find healthy and innovative ways to solve the world’s most pressing food issues.

“I’m firmly convinced that if the public and policymakers knew more about the great work being done by food and agricultural scientists, we would make better decisions about how to enjoy a prosperous food future,” Lusk says. “If we want to make meaningful, positive impacts on addressing factors like climate change, obesity, and water quality and availability while simultaneously enjoying tasty, affordable food, we will need greater scientific understanding of our food and farming systems.”