This page contains publications and printables developed for The Nature of Teaching program and are supplemental materials for the Lesson Plans. 

Tooth Sleuth 

A Tooth Sleuth knows you can tell what a mammal eats just by looking at its teeth. Some teeth tear, some grind, and some crush food. This poster describes different kinds of mammal teeth and how you can use those tooth types to figure out if a mammal is a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. A full color, 20x28-inch poster can be purchased from the Purdue Education Store. K-12 teachers can receive a poster at no charge by emailing Rob Chapman.


Common Indiana Mammals

Mammals play an integral role in many habitats. Knowing more about these intriguing animals can help us enjoy and appreciate the diversity of wildlife around us. These natural history cards can be used to identify 34 mammalian species native to Indiana by appearance, skull, or by tracks. In this publication, students can research information about habitat, diet, distribution, reproduction, and ecology.

Nature of Teaching Bookmark

Nature of Teaching Bookmark