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Department News


 Spotting Scope - July 2015


Spotting Scope Sept./Oct. 2015


·         Andree, S.R.Z.S. FeinerL.W. Bledsoe, A.M. Cragun, and T.O. Höök. 2015. Ontogenetic variability of maternal effects in an iteroparous fish. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 24: 384-396.

·         Coulter, D.P.M.S. Sepulveda, C. Troy and T.O. Höök. in press. Species-specific effects of sub-daily temperature fluctuations on consumption, growth, and stress responses in two physiologically similar fish species. Ecology of Freshwater Fish.

·         Coulter, D.P.T.O. HöökC.T. Mahapatra, S.C. Guffey, and M.S. Sepulveda. 2015. Fluctuating water temperatures affect development, physiological responses and cause sex reversal in fathead minnows. Environmental Science & Technology. 49: 1921-1928.

·         Z.S. Feiner and T.O. Höök. 2015. Environmental Biology of Percids. in Biology and Culture of Percid Fishes – Principles and Practices. Kestemont, P., Dabrowski, K., and Summerfelt, R.C. (Eds.)

·         Z.S. Feiner, D.B. Bunnell, T.O. Höök, C.P. Madenjian, D.M. Warner, and P.D. Collingsworth. 2015. Non-stationary recruitment dynamics of rainbow smelt: The influence of environmental variables and variation in size structure and length-at-maturation. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 41: 246-258.

·         Z.S. Feiner, S.C. Chong, C.T. Knight, T.E. Lauer, M.V. Thomas, J.T. Tyson, and T.O. Höök. 2015. Rapidly shifting maturation schedules following reduced commercial harvest in a freshwater fish. Evolutionary Applications. 8: 724-737.

·         Foley, C.J., Bradley, D., and T.O. Höök. 2016. A review and assessment of the potential use of RNA:DNA ratios to assess the condition of entrained fish larvae. Ecological Indicators. 60: 346-357.

·         Happel, A. J. Lafountain, S. Creque, J. Rinchard, T.O. Höök, H. Bootsma, J. Janssen, D. Jude, and S. Czesny. in press. Spatio-temporal description of spottail shiner (Notropis hudsonius) fatty acid profiles in Lake Michigan's southern basin. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

·         Happel, A., Creque, S., Rinchard, J., T.O. Höök, Bootsma, H., Janssen, J., Jude, D and Czesny, S. in press. Exploring yellow perch diets in Lake Michigan through stomach content, fatty acids and stable isotope ratios. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

·         Ivan, L.N., and T.O. Höök. in press. Energy allocation strategies of young temperate fish: An eco-genetic modeling approach. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

·         Mulvaney, K.K., S. Lee, T.O. Höök, and L.S. Prokopy. 2015. Casting a Net to Better Understand Fisheries Management: An Affiliation Network Analysis of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Marine Policy. 57, 120-131

·         Paola Pollegioni, Keith E. Woeste, Francesca Chiocchini, Stefano Del Lungo, Irene Olimpieri, Virginia Tortolano, Jo Clark, Gabriel E. Hemery, Sergio Mapelli, Maria Emilia Malvolt.  Ancient Humans Influenced the Current Spatial Genetic Structure of Common Walnut Populations in Asia.  PLOS ONE, Sept 02 2015. 

·         Pothoven. S.A., and T.O. Höök. in press. Feeding ecology of invasive age-0 white perch and native white bass after two decades of co-existence in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. Aquatic Invasions

·         Rahmani, M.S., Pijut, P.M., Shabanian, N., and Nasri, M. 2015. Genetic fidelity assessment of in vitro-regenerated plants of Albizia julibrissin using SCoT and IRAP fingerprinting. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Plant 51:407-419.

·         Sullivan, C., Coulter, D.P.Z.S. Feiner, Donabauer, S., and T.O. Höök in press. Influences of gear type and analytical methodology on fish assemblage characterisations in temperate lakes. Fisheries Ecology and Management.

·         Withers, J.L., T.M. SesterhennFoley, C.J., C.D. Troy, and T.O. Höök. in press. Diets and growth potential of early stage larval yellow perch and alewife in a nearshore region of southeastern Lake Michigan.  Journal of Great Lakes Research.


Research Grants and Funding

  • Carlson,Donald; Hardwood Forestry Fund; $5,110; “Hardwood Forestry Fund Seedling Planting Grant Application”
  • Cassens, Daniel; IN Hardwood Lumberman’s Assoc.; $1,523.62; voluntary support
  • Chapman,RobertCarlson,Donald; Beheler,Brian; et al; Mary S. Rice Grant; $7,500; “Acquisition of a native grave drill for a study evaluation native grass and wildflower plantings in agricultural landscapes for wildlife and pollinators”
  • DeWoody,J Andrew; Bureau of Land Management; $60,000; “Golden eagle demography: genetic approaches to population biology in the face of renewable energy development in the California Desert”
  • DeWoody,J Andrew​; Battelle Memorial Institute; $68,000; “Gray whale genome sequency and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel development”
  • DeWoody,J Andrew​; California Dept Fish & Wildlife; $221,945; “Demographic monitoring of California golden eagles via noninvasive genetics”
  • DeWoody,J Andrew; Lucas Barrientos C.; $736; voluntary support
  • DeWoody,J Andrew​; New Mexico State Univ.; $17,733; “Golden eagle genotyping”
  • Dukes,Jeffrey; No Arizona Univ.; $34,615, “Biogeochemical responses and feedbacks to climate change: synthetic meta-analysis relevant to earth system models”
  • Dukes,Jeffrey​; Virginia Tech/USDA-NIFA; $500,000; “Collaborative research EaSM-3: Decadal prediction of sustainable agriculture forest management-earth system prediction differs from climate prediction”
  • Dunning,John,B; Amose W. Butler Audubon Society Inc.; $3,000; “Postfledging associate of mature forest birds with early successional habitat in South- Central Indiana: a novel approach”
  • Dunning,John,B; USDA Forest Services; $19,385; “Breeding Bird Survey on the Hoosier National Forest”
  • Flaherty,Elizabeth; International Bear Association; $3,300; “Photographic monitoring of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population”
  • Frankenberger, J; Prokopy, Linda; Bowling,L; Kladivko,E; USDA/NIFA; $999,548; “Managing water for increase resiliencyof drained agricultural landscapes”
  • Gibson, K; Ma, Zhao; et al; USDA NIFA, $681,405; “Infrastructure, access, and community: A plan to support beginning farmers in Indiana”
  • Goforth,Reuben; USGS; $86,661; “Correlating asian carp eND and/or microbial tracking technologies with telemetry data in the Wabash River”
  • Hardiman,Brady​; NSF; $59,952; “Collaborative Research: EAGER-NEON: Is canopy structural complexity a global predictor of primary production?: Using NEON to transform understanding of forest structure-function”
  • Höök,Tomas​; Collingsworth,Paris; Univ of MI; $25,000; “Spatial variation in condition and trophic connections of larval fish in Lake Michigan: a CSMI enhancement fellowship”
  • Höök,Tomas​; Grand Valley State Univ.; $31,002; “Yellow Perch Stock Assessment in Drowned River Mouth Lakes and Nearshore Lake Michigan”
  • Höök,Tomas​; Electric Power Research Institute; $49,992; “Population-level responses to two thermally different fish species to power plant thermal discharges”
  • Höök,Tomas​; Quagrainie, Kwamena​; University of IL; $37,262; “Agreement between Purdue and Illinois Cooperative Extension Service”
  • Höök,Tomas​; University of IL; $9,446; “Operation of Lake Michigan real-time data gathering bouys”
  • Hoverman,Jason; Univ of CA/NIH; $75,357; “EID: Disease in complex communities: how multi-host, multi-pathogen interactions drive infection dynamics”
  • Jacobs,Douglass/Lichti, Nathanael; USDA NIFA; $149,983; “Prediction and management of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) stand dynamics with natural regeneration and blight-induced mortality”
  •  Jacobs,Douglass; USDA Forest Service; $10,961; “Integrated spatial processes and tree seed dispersal and insect population dynamics within LANDIS-II”
  • Jacobs,Douglass; USDA/Forest Service: $25,000; “Optimizing nursery photoperiod to promote root growth of forest tree seedlings after planting”
  • Jenkins, Michael​; USDA Forest Service; $15,000; “Evaluation of site conditions and management techniques to promote oak species regeneration in hardwood forests”
  • Ma, Zhao, et al; Purdue University C4E; $17,669.80; “Using cash transfers to promote ecosystem services and sustainable livelihoods: What is the role of conditionality?”
  • Ma, Zhao; USDA Forest Service; $39,863; “Awareness, attitudes, and behaviors of family forest owners towards invasive forest plants: implications for prevention and control strategies in the Northern forests”
  • Main, R; DeWoody,J Andrew​; Nauman,E; National Science Foundation; $95,104; “Mechanobiological regulation in cortical bone in vertebrates”
  • Meilan,Richard; Futuragene; $69,980; voluntary support
  • Michler,Charles, Bruce Wakeland, Bryan Wipperman, Banks Hardwoods Inc.,; $6,500; voluntary support
  • Michler,Charles​; North Carolina State University; $46,200; “Center for Tree Genetics-NSCU”
  • Pijanowski,Bryan; National Park Service; $40,445, “Bioacoustic assay for marine ecosystem health and diversity”
  • Prokopy,Linda; Conservation Technology Information Ctr; $24,788; “Iowa Farm Assessment”
  • Prokopy,Linda​; Conservation Technology Information Ctr; $69,648; “Evaluation of Indian Creek Watershed Activities”
  • Prokopy,Linda​; University of Connecticut; $392,244; “A synthesis of the NIFA water portfolio (2000-2013): lessons learned and future directions”
  • Purcell, Lindsey; IN Department of Natural Resources; $4,000; “Muni Trees”
  • Rode,Robert; Indiana Soybean Alliance; $6,000; “Marine Shrimp Liopenaeus vannamei Larviculture”
  • Salazar,Kara, Univ. of WI; $2,495, “Coastal No Adverse Impacts Workshop”
  • Salazar,Kara​; IN Dept of Natural Resources; $17,915; “Tipping points and indicators: engaging Great Lakes communities to develop tipping point action”​
  • Saunders,Michael; USDA Forest Service; $44,000; “Effects of prescribed fire within shelterwood regeneration systems on residual overstory timber quality”
  • Sepulveda,Maria,S; Showalter Trust, $5,000; “2015 Showalter Scholar Award”
  • Sepulveda,Maria,S​; Univ of CT; $105,940; “The combined effects of environmental and anthropogenic stressors on fish health”
  • Swihart,Robert,K; IN Arborists Assn.; $7,500; voluntary support
  • Swihart,Robert,K​; Univ of IL/NOAA; $11,355; “Cooperative agreement with EPA Great Lakes National Program Office”
  • Swihart,Robert,K​/Berl,Jacob; IN Academy of Science; $3,000; “Does intra-population niche partitioning lead to variation in the functional roles of individuals within generalist populations? Implications for Agricultural Ecosystems Services”
  • Swihart,Robert,K​/Sundaram,Mekela; American Soc of Mammalogists; $1,500; “A shell game: detection of hardwood seed dormancy by sciurus carolinesis”
  • Swihart,Robert,K​; IN Arborists Assocation, Inc.; $3,750; voluntary support
  • Swihart,Robert,K​; Univ of IL; $179,701; “Cooperative agreement with EPA Great Lakes National Program Office”
  • Williams,Rod; Fort Wayne Zoological Society; $2,896; voluntary support
  • Williams,Rod​; Hoosier Herpetological Society; $300; voluntary support
  • Woeste,Keith​; IN Academy of Science; $2,000; “Sequencing the genome of Indiana’s largest surviving American chestnut”
  • Woeste,Keith​; Northern Nut Growers Association; $5,000; “Assessing diversity of blight resistance genes in Chinese chestnut by whole-genome resequencing of a diverse germplasm collection”
  • Zischke,Mitchell; Gramig,B; Univ. of IL; $96,000; “Recreational valuation and management implications for Southern Lake Michigan”
  • Zollner, Patrick; IN Academy of Science; $2,550; “Investigating the impact of invasive Asian carp on river otters in the native fish communities in Indiana”
  • Zollner, Patrick​, IN Forestry & Woodlands Owners Assoc.; $2,000, voluntary support

Faculty News

    Dan Cassens
  • Congratulations to Kara Salazar​ for passing the Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED) certification exam administered by the Community Development Council. Kara said that “the exam was a bit challenging”, which means it was hard. Congratulations, Kara!
  • During the 2015 annual Great Lakes research conference, Tomas Höök was named as Vice President for the International Association of Great Lakes Research ( He will take over as President of the organization next year.  Congratulations, Tomas!
  • Congratulations to Tomas Höök​, Kristi Arend and Daisuke Goto!  Their paper “Assessing and addressing the re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Central Basin hypoxia” was the Chandler Misener Award for most notable paper in the Journal of Great Lakes Research.
  • Congratulations to Dan Cassens on his Canaan fir being named 2015 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Fir Tree and receiving red ribbons on both his Scotch pine tree and Decorated Wreath!  This is the second year in a row that Cassens Trees has been named Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair! 
  • Paula Pijut’s ash-emerald ash borer research was cited in an Ensia article titled, “In the race to save species, GMOs are coming to nature.  Big question: Can we use genetic engineering to save species? Bigger question: Should we?”  Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action.  Their mission is to share stories and spark conversations that motivate, empower, and inspire people to create a more sustainable future.
  • Dan Bollock​ was featured in a Lafayette Magazine article by Tom Shafer entitled “Dan Bollock: Creativity in Adversity”. The article highlighted Dan’s career and craftsmanship. Very cool, Dan!

​Graduate News

    Decker Shao
  • ​Congratulations to Belyna Bentlage (M.S.), Johanna Desprez (M.S.), Michael Schuster (Ph.D.),
    and Janna Willoughby (Ph.D.) on receiving their degrees at the end of the Summer 2015 semester!  Best wishes to all of you as you begin a new journey!​

  • Congratulations to Wes Schempf​ and his wife, Regan on the birth of daughter, Elliot Ruth Schempf, on Wednesday, August 19!  Elliot weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  Welcome to the world, Elliot!
  • Congratulations to Nick LaBonte for passing his prelims on Tuesday, September 8!
  • Congratulations to Gang and Tian Shao on the birth of their son, Decker on Sunday, August 30th at 3:00 p.m.  Decker weighed in at 6 lbs, 8 oz.   Decker shows off his sleeping skills in the photo below.
  •  Congratulations to Sarah Stein, who has been chosen as a finalist for the Knauss Fellowship Class of 2016. The Knauss Fellowship is sponsored by National Sea Grant. 

​Undergraduate News

  • Sarah Meronk​, a senior wildlife student, won a Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2015 SURF Research Symposium. Sarah's research focused on the consumption of non-native Asian carp by Indiana river otters using fecal and stable isotope analysis of diet. Her SURF research was supervised by Drs. Pat Zollner and Liz Flaherty and graduate student, Casey Day.  Congratulations, Sarah!

​Department News

​FNR Picnic

  • Wright Center was the site of the FNR picnic on the Friday before classes, planned and coordinated by Christine Hofmeyer, FNR graduate students, and the FNR social committee.  Thanks to all who worked so hard on this event!  It was a lovely evening.  Great fun, great food, great friends/colleagues!

​Norway and Sweden Study Abroad

  • During this summer’s annual International Natural Resources Issues study-abroad course (FNR 460), a group of Purdue and North Carolina State students and faculty (incl. Dunning, Höök and Jacobs from FNR) toured around Sweden and Norway. They toured natural resources sites ranging from a marine station, climate change research station, iron/copper/historical mines, location of a recent forest fire, a Sami village, a stream restoration site, a moose safari, an organic dairy, a forest reserve and a national park above the Arctic Circle. In the process, they learned new skills and were exposed to various issues including electrofishing, reindeer management, nutrient run-off, climate change effects in the Arctic and the complexity associated with moving an entire city due to possible mine collapse. 
Norway Sweden Study Abroad FNR Picnic​​

​Alumni News

  • Dr. Jeff Moore (Ph.D. in wildlife) has been promoted and now runs the US West Coast Marine Mammal Assessment Program for NOAA. Congratulations, Jeff!​
  • From the South Bend Tribune: Phillip Pynaert Jr. Nov. 12, 1953 - Aug. 11, 2015 GARRETT - Phillip Paul Pynaert, 61, of Garrett, IN, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, August 11, 2015, at IU Health Goshen Hospital. He was born on November 12, 1953, in New York, NY, to Phil Pynaert Sr. and Joan Pynaert. Phillip is survived by his parents, Phil & Joan Pynaert Sr.; 2 children: Phillip Pynaert III, Elizabeth Pynaert; a brother, Dennis (Carolyn) Pynaert; a sister, Karen (Tom) Barcome; and 4 grandchildren. Phillip graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Forestry in 1975. He started his career working for the State of Indiana and moved on to being a licensed Timer Buyer in the State of Indiana for the remainder of his career. He loved baseball and coached several baseball and softball teams for the youth of Garrett, IN. A Celebration of Phillip's life will be held on Saturday, August 15, 2015, from 2-4 pm at First Lutheran Church, 16495 Ireland Rd., Mishawaka, IN. In lieu of flowers, those wishing to contribute in Phillip Paul Pynaert Jr's name may give to Hospice Services, 1721 S. Main Street, Goshen, IN 46526. Elkhart Cremation Services is entrusted with his arrangements. To send an online condolence, please visit - See more at:


Forest health in a changing world
Science Magazine
By Andrew Sugden, Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink, David Malakoff, and Sacha Vignieri​
August 20, 2015

Lake Michigan perch quickly changed course of ‘reverse evolution”​
Purdue Agriculture News By Keith Robinson August 11, 2015 ​

The Coddling of the American Mind
The Atlantic
By Greg Lukainoff and Jonathan Haidt
September 2015​


Upcoming Calendar Events​

  • ​Thursday, October 1, FNR department meeting, 12 pm, PFEN 120
  • Monday & Tuesday, October 12 & 13.  No classes, offices open
  • Thursday, October 29, FNR department meeting, 12 pm, PFEN 120
  • Thursday, November 19, FNR department meeting, 12 pm, PFEN 120
  • ​​Thursday, December 10, FNR department meeting, 12 pm, PFEN 120
  • Saturday, December 12, Fall semester ends 12:20 pm
  • Monday through Saturday, December 14-19, Finals
  • Saturday, December 19, semester ends, 9 pm
  • Sunday, December 20, Commencement at 9:30 and 2:30