Spotting Scope - January 2017


  • Dunning,John,B,Jr., $750, Sycamore Audubon Society, voluntary support 
  • Jenkins, Michael​, $3,534, Eco Logic LLC, voluntary support 
  • Fei,Songlin; Hardiman, Brady; Pijanowski,Bryan, $996,171, National Science Foundation, “Modeling invasion dynamics across scales (MIDAS)”
  • Sepulveda,Marisol; Hoverman, Jason; Lee, Linda, $443,592, Department of Army, “Development of Amphibian Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances Toxicity Reference Values for use in Ecological Risk Assessment at Aqueous Film Forming Foam Sites”
  • Haviarova,Eva, $94,510, US Dept of Agriculture/AMS, “ Market Opportunities for USA Hardwoods in Emerging Economies of Eastern Europe”
  • Hook,Tomas; Pijanowski,Bryan; Doucette,Jarrod, $52,473, Univ of IL/NOAA, “Minibus 2016- 18”
  • Wagner,Robert; Purcell, Lindsey, $7,500, Indiana Arborists Assn., Inc., voluntary support
  • Purcell,Lindsey, $7,500, Brandt Consolidated, Inc., voluntary support
  • Ma,Zhao; Prokopy,Linda, McMillan,Sara, Engel,Bernard, $99,420, Univ of Illinois, “Combining societal acceptance and biophysical drivers of conservation practices to improve water quality in mulit-use landscapes”
  • Sepulveda,Maria,S., $5,000, Showalter Trust, “2015 Showalter Scholar Awards”
  • Williams,Rod,N, $222, Hoosier Herpetological Society, voluntary support 
  • Williams,Rod,N, $9,750, Duke Energy Foundation, “Eastern Hellbender Conservation” 
  • Meilan,Richard, $500, ENP Investments LLC, voluntary support 
  • Pijanowski,Bryan, $111,220, Univ of MI, “Empowering communities with online action planning tools: tipping points and indicator for improving water quality across the Great Lakes (outreach support)”
  • Purcell,Lindsey, $7,500, R3 Ag Consulting LLC, voluntary support 
  • Pijut,Paula, $2,500, Pike Lumber Co, voluntary support
  • Prokopy,Linda, $50,055, Univ of Minnesota, “Training for a watershed approach using the Agricultural Conservation Planning framework”


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Videos and Apps


  • Jeff Dukes

    Dr. Jeff Dukes (left) with David Belcher (center) and Purdue President, Mitch Daniels (right)

    Congratulations to Andrew DeWoody on being selected as an AAAS Fellow!  Election as a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers. Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications.
  •  Congratulations to Jeff Dukes on receiving the Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability!  The Board of Trustees approved the honor on October 14.  Dr. Dukes is the first recipient of the Belcher Chair. 
  • ​Congratulations to Rod Williams on being inducted into the Teaching Academy​ on Tuesday, November 1. The induction ceremony was held at the Shively Club.  This is the 20th anniversary year of the Teaching Academy.  The seventeen new members were given Teaching Academy medallions signifying their membership. 
  • Congratulations to Micah Stevens on successfully defending his PhD on November 18!
  •  Congratulations to Anna Bruniche-Olsen, a postdoc in the DeWoody lab, received a Purdue Postdoc Travel Grant to help defray costs associated with attending a national meeting in June 2017. ​
  • Congratulations to Christine Hofmeyer who has been nominated to receive the Purdue Agriculture Service to Students Award!  The recipient of the Award will be announced at the College Awards Banquet on April 26. 
  • ​Congratulations to Kara Salazar on passing the American Institute of Certified Planners exam!  Now she is a certified planner! 
Congratulations to Jay Beugly, Cary TroyDavid CannonReuben GoforthMegan Gunn and Robert Behring who received a big thank you from Carolyn Foley in the November 7 issue of Purdue Today Thumbs Up section.  “Jayson Beugly (Forestry and Natural Resources), Cary Troy (Civil Engineering), David Cannon (Civil Engineering), Reuben Goforth (Forestry and Natural Resources), Megan Gunn (Forestry and Natural Resources), Robert Behring (Forestry and Natural Resources): This team, led by Jayson Beugly, worked their tails off to recover a weather buoy from Lake Michigan that had technical issues this year. Lots of people rely on this buoy for data and we're glad to have it back. -- Carolyn Foley (Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program)” 


  • Casey Johnson

    Casey Johnson

    Congratulations to Linda Prokopy on receiving the
    Corinne Alexander Spirit of the Land Grant Award​ on October 19.  Dr. Prokopy gave a talk entitled, “Water, Climate, Agriculture.. And People?
  • Congratulations to Songlin Fei, Eva Haviarova, and Pat Zollner on being nominated for faculty teaching awards!  Recipients will be announced at the annual College Awards Banquet on April 26. 


  • ​ On October 2, Casey Johnson (BSF 2016) won the Tennessee State Climbing competition which qualifies him for the international competition in DC next summer! Casey works for Davey Tree in Nashville, TN. 


  • Dr. Paul Brown and Dr. Hye-Ji Kim will be teaching a GERI (The Gifted Education Resource Institute) in Summer 2017. 

Trustees Ratify Faculty Promotions, Approve Resolutions 

Trustees appointed Dukes, a professor of forestry and natural resources, professor of biological sciences, and director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, as the inaugural Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability. Dr. Jeff Dukes has received more than $8 million in support of his research over the past six years. More than $4 million of that investment has gone toward his group’s research. He has published 91 articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. His work has been to better understand how human actions affect natural and managed ecosystems in the hope that better understanding the influences will allow society to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

​​Purdue U. digitizes 19th century Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s ledger   

The original Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association ledger from 1899 through 1934 has been digitized by Purdue University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections is available online. Inside the front cover is written “Property of the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, 
Sect. Treas.  Roy C. Brundage, Dept. of Forestry & Conservation, Purdue.” The ledger contains information on the lumber industry, hardwood grading rules, and wood companies with Indiana roots.

​​Dream Job Highlight of International Study    

Veronica Yager, a junior natural resources and environmental science major from Clarksburg, Indiana, has always loved horses. During a study abroad experience in Australia, she worked at a ranch that took visitors on horseback trips around Magnetic Island and out into the ocean.  
When Veronica Yager studied wildlife at James Cook University in Australia, she expected to go to class each day, meet some new people, and have a fun experience. What she didn’t expect was to work her dream job.  

​​Tree Care Industry Association Expo    

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Expo is an international conference for tree care professionals. In addition there is Student Career Days, which​ provides an assortment of great career and networking events for students wishing to enter the industry. Students in the FNR department who are interested in urban forestry have the unique opportunity to attend this international conference each year to expand their knowledge of the field, along with increasing their personal network of career connections. 

​​FNR Annual Halloween party  

On the evening of Friday, October 28, the place to be was Wright Forestry Center for the annual FNR Halloween party.  The highlight of the evening, of course, was the Pie in the Face winner from Jar Wars.  This year’s lucky recipient of the pies (!!!) was Julie Pluimer!  Below are a few pictures from the night. ​

               Halloween Party


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