Spotting Scope

October 2018

New Research Grants
  • Prokopy,Linda, $107,279, USDA-NRCS, “Regional Forums and Surveys to Evaluate NRCS WRI Projects”

  • Jacobs, Douglas, $10,000, USDA-USFS, “Nursery Production in the Eastern US”

  • Jacobs, Douglas, $10,000, USDA-USFS, “Nursery Production in the Eastern US 2018”

  • Prokopy,Linda; Dunning, John,B, $178,732, IN Department of Natural Resources, “Developing and evaluating an outreach campaign to conserve whooping crane populations”

  • Swihart,Robert, $2,936, Indiana Academy of Science, “Vole damage to cover-cropped soybeans: exploring options for biological and cultural control”

  • Pijanowski,Bryan; Salazar,Kara, $24,000, Univ of MI/NOAA, “Empowering communities with online action planning tools: tipping points and indicators for improving water quality across the Great Lakes (outreach support)”

  • Brooke,Jarred, $2,000, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, “NWSG Publication Agreement”

  • Prokopy,Linda, $101,063, The Nature Conservancy, “Incentive payments for nonoperator landowner”

  • Brown,Paul, $98,318, AgInno Institute, “Alternative protein sources for fish feed in aquaculture and their economic viability and cultural acceptance”

  • Fei,Songlin, $12,000, National Science Foundation, “Modeling invasion dynamics across scales (MIDAS)”

  • Wagner, Robert; Purcell,Lindsey, $15,000, Indiana Arborists Association, voluntary support

  • Saunders,Michael, $5,000, The Nature Conservancy, voluntary support

  • Williams,Rod; Burgmeier,Nicholas, $2,000, Conservation Foundation, “Expanding eastern hellbender captive-rearing facilities in Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo”

  • Rathfon,Ronald, $1,500, Indiana Forestry Educational Foundation, “Reprint extension publication FNR-IDNR-414 Forest Improvement Handbook”

  • Hook,Tomas; Carlton,Stuart; Archer, Angela, $61,500, NOAA, “2018 Knauss Fellowship-Notre Dame”

  • Sepulveda,Maria,S, $123,921, University of Southern Mississippi, “Integrating teleost transcriptomes to identify ecologically meaningful response following oil exposure”

  • Ma,Zhao, Bauchet, Jonathan; Zanotti, Laura, $659,201, Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, “UNSA NEXUS: Arequipa region soil vulnerability, impairment, and health assessment”

  • Jenkins,Michael, $3,534, EcoLogic LLC, voluntary support

  • Beaulieu,Lionel, Haviarova,Eva; Farlee,Lenny,, $17,995, DJ Case & Associates, “Indiana Hardwood Strategy”

  • Hook,Tomas, Carlton,Stuart, Salazar,Kara, Zischke,Mitchell, Beugly, Jayson, Quagrainie, Kwamena,, $249,900, “2018-2022 IISG Omnibus proposal”

  • Swihart,Robert; Zollner,Patrick, $112,770, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, “Assessing aspects of bobcat spatial and population activities in Indiana

  • Flaherty,Elizabeth; Goforth,Reuben, $262,064, USDA/NIFA, “Diversity in faces, places and spaces of Natural Resources Sciences”

  • Brooke,Jarred, $1,000, National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc., voluntary support

  • Williams,Rod, $2.700, State of Maine, “Nature of Teaching Wildlife: Maine”

  • Flaherty,Elizabeth, Quinby, Brandon $1,000, Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative, “Determing the prey base of burying beetle communitities on Nantucket Island using stable isotopes”

  • Hook,Tomas; Foley, Carolyn, $85,483, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, “T7R24 Mussel Habitat Modeling”

  • Prokopy,Linda, $61,250, The Nature Conservancy, “Social indicators assessment in the Upper White watershed”

  • Hook,Tomas; Beugly,Jayson, $132,774, U.S. Department of Interior, “Development and evaluation of methods for custodial maintenance of fish spawning reefs”

  • Purcell,Lindsey, $500, Hittle Landscaping, voluntary support

  • Jenkins, Michael, $10,000, USDA Forest Service, “The use of prescribed fire to promote oak species regeneration within silvicultural harvest treatments”

  • Saunders, Michael, Swihart,Robert,Dunning,John, Owings,Charlotte,Riegel,Jeffery,Holland,Jeffrey,Aime,M, $629,790, IN Department of Natural Resources, “Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (2018-2020)”

  • Prokopy,Linda,, $999,579 ($11,208), USDA-NIFA, “Managing water for increased resiliency of drained agricultural landscapes”

  • MacGowan,Brian; Farlee, Lenny; Jackson,Elizabeth, $115,742, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, “Indiana woodland owner education program”

  • Flaherty,Elizabeth, $30,144, Purdue University, FY18-19 PRF Research Grant (Quinby)

  • Meilan,Richard, $3,500, FuturaGene, voluntary support

  • Williams,Rod, $320, voluntary support

  • Sepulveda,Maria,S., $5,000, Showalter Scholar Awards

  • Jenkins,Michael, $29,994, USDA Forest Service, “The use of prescribed fire to promote oak species regeneration within silviculture harvest treatments”

  • Ginzel,Matthew; Farlee, Lenny; Jackson, Elizabeth, $132,314.93, USDA Forest Service, “Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center”

  • Williams,Rod,N, $1,000, Cryptobranchid Interest Group, “Expanding hellbender O&E efforts using pre-designed lesson kits”

  • Carlton,Stuart, Quagrainie,Kwamena, $15,180, Univ of IL, “Sea Grant Visioning Network”

  • Hook,Tomas,, $1,357,927, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Admin, “2018-2018 IL In Sea Grant Omnibus”

  • Jacobs,Douglass; Brennan, Andrea, $5,000, Northern Nut Growers Association, “Temperature stress tolerance comparison of butternut, Japanese walnut and their hybrids”

  • Pijanowski,Bryan, Francomano, Dante, $10,000, Sea World Busch Gardens Cnsrv Fund, “Acoustic monitoring of penguins in the social-ecological systems of tierra del Fuego”

  • Pijanowski,Bryan, $50,000, National Science Foundation, “Natural sounds exhibit and audio store”

  • Collingsworth, Paris, $20,000, International Joint Commission, “Organize and lead Lake Michigan CSMI science and management priorities workshop in fall 2018”

New Publications
  • Lee, J.H. and Pijut, P.M. 2018. Optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of Fraxinus nigra and development of black ash for possible emerald ash borer resistance. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 134:217-229.

  • Schutyser, W., Kruger, J.S., Robinson, A.M., Katahira, R., Brandner, D., Cleveland, N.S., Mittal, A., Peterson, D.J., Meilan, R., Román-Leshkov, Y., and Beckham, G.T. (2018) Revisiting alkaline aerobic lignin oxidation. Green Chemistry (accepted)

  • Chang, S., Mahon, E. L., MacKay, H. A., Rottmann, W. H., Strauss, S. H., Pijut, P. M., Powell, W. A., Coffey, V., Lu, H., Mansfield, S. D., Jones, T. J. 2018. Genetic engineering of trees: progress and new horizons. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant.

  • Frank, G.S. C.H. Nakatsu, and M. A. Jenkins. In press. Soil chemistry and microbial community functional responses to invasive shrub removal in mixed hardwood forests. Applied Soil Ecology.

  • Swaim, J.T, D.C Dey, M.R. Saunders, D.R. Weigel, C.D. Thornton, J.M. Kabrick, and M.A. Jenkins. 2018. Overstory species response to clearcut harvest across environmental gradients in hardwood forests. Forest Ecology and Management 428: 6680.

  • Webster, C.R., Y.L. Dickinson, J.I. Burton, L.E. Frelich, M.A. Jenkins, C.C. Kern, P. Raymond, M.R. Saunders, M.B. Walters, and J.L. Willis. 2018. Promoting and maintaining diversity in contemporary hardwood forests: confronting contemporary drivers of change and the loss of ecological memory. Forest Ecology and Management 421:98–108.

  • Brüniche-Olsen A., R. Urban, J., Vertyankin V.V., Godard-Codding C.A.J., Bickham J.W. & DeWoody J.A. (2018) Genetic data reveal mixed-stock aggregations of gray whales in the North Pacific Ocean. Biology Letters, in press.

  • Labonte, N.R., P. Zhao, K. Woeste. 2018. Signatures of selection in the genomes of Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima Blume): the roots of nut tree domestication. Frontiers in Plant Science.

  • LaBonte, N., J. Jacobs, A. Ebrahimi, S. Lawson, K. Woeste. (2018) Data mining for discovery of endophytic and epiphytic fungal diversity in short-read genomic data from deciduous trees. Fungal Ecology.

  • Congratulations to Gary Hoover for successfully defending his dissertation on July 9!

  • Congratulations to Meghan Mulroy on successfully defending her MS thesis on July 11!

  • Congratulations to Jenny Antonides on successfully defending her PhD dissertation on June 27!

  • Congratulations to Kendra Abts Hodges for successfully defending her MS thesis on June 26!

  • Congratulations to Mary Ghadiri for successfully defending her Ph.D. on June 7!

  • Congratulations to Yuling Gao on successfully defending her dissertation on June 7!

  • Congratulations to Nadia Fernandez on successfully defending her MS thesis on June 22!

  • The TWS Quiz Bowl team placed Third in the competition at the National Conference. Thirty-three chapters from across the USA competed. Team members included: Ariana Apodaca, Avery Cook, Helen Nesius, Landon Neumann, and Kat Tessaro. Congrats, team! FNR is very proud of you!
  • TWS Quiz Bowl team  

Staff Awards
  • Congratulations to Liz Flaherty on receiving the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Educator Award! The Award was presented at the June 2018 NACTA Conference held at Iowa State University. The Award recognizes her commitment, excellence, and scholarship in college teaching.

New Arrivals
  • Congratulations to the Fei lab on the birth of two baby boys!

  • Congratulations to Insu and Hana Jo on the birth of their son, Lucas on October 4. Big sisters Amy and Flora are delighted with their little brother.

  • Insu and Hana Jo Son  

  • Congratulations Becca and Owen Ward on the birth of their son (no name included) on October 17! What a sweetie!

  • Insu and Hana Jo Son  

Feature Articles

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October 2018

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