Spotting Scope

September 2017

  • Pijanowski, Bryan, $29,955, U.S. Department of Interior, “Pilot Program: bioacoustics assay of marine ecosystem health and diversity at Channel Islands National”

  • Ma, Zhao, $99,356, University of IL, “Combining societal acceptance and biophysical drivers of conservation practices to improve water quality in multi-use landscapes”

  • Hook, Tomas, $52,473, University of IL, “2016-18 Omnibus”

  • DeWoody, Andrew; Brueniche-Olsen, Anna, $3,864.98, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, “Inferring gray whale population characteristics from environmental DNA in seawater”

  • Flaherty, Elizabeth; Truelock, Zachary, $500, Soc. For Study of Amphibians & Reptiles, “Zachary Truelock: variability in diets of Midwestern snakes in response to prescribed burning”

  • Jacobs, Douglass; Jackson, Elizabeth; Woeste, Keith $21,930, USDA Forest Service, “Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center”

  • Hook, Tomas; Dorworth, Leslie; Quagrainie, Kwamena; Salazar, Kara, $139,146, University of IL, “2014-2018 IL/IN Sea Grant Omnibus”

  • Scharf,Michael; Jenkins, Michael; Meilan, Richard, $248,000, NSF, “STTR Phase II: Termite-derived enzymatic tree herbicides”

  • Rathfon, Ronald, $4,000, Bayer Corporation, voluntary support

  • Jacobs, Douglass, $10,000, USDA Forest Service, “Nursery Production in the Eastern US”

  • Lee,Linda; Marisol Sepulveda; Zhao Ma. $65,756, National Academy of Science, “Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) in Kabul and Swat Rivers and their impact on fish populations and rural community l, livelihoods”

  • Jacobs, Douglass, $7,000.00, The Nature Conservancy, voluntary support

  • Flaherty, Elizabeth; Quinby Brandon, $1,000, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund, “Evaluation of the prey base and feeding relationships of the American burying beetle”

  • Flaherty, Elizabeth; Zollner, Patrick; Quinn, Vanessa, $3,000, Assoc of Public and Land Grant Univ., “Educational Workshop for Improving student success while attending a professional conference”

  • MacGowan, Brian, $663.74, Fur Trappers of American College, voluntary support

  • Rick Meilan received word in September that a grant on which he is listed as a co-PI was funded through the National Science Foundation. The project is entitled STTR Phase II: Termite-derived enzymatic tree bio-herbicides. The project leaders are Jeffrey Bargiel and Michael Scharf. Congratulations Dr. Meilan!
New Publications
  • Abercrombie, S.A., J.L. Berl, E.A. Flaherty, and R.K. Swihart. 2017. Seasonal foraging by mice enhances loss of weed seeds from crop-field edges. Northeastern Naturalist 24 (Special Issue 8):5-17.
  • Berl, J.L., H.A. Johnstone, J.Y. Wu, E.A. Flaherty, and R.K. Swihart. 2017. Winter preference for weed seed and waste grain by native mice in row-crop agriculture. Weed Science 65:406-412.

  • Berl, J., E. Flaherty, B. Danielson, K. Kellner, and R. Swihart. 2017. Winter ecology of prairie deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) in cultivated habitats: implications for agricultural ecosystem services. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 249:130-136.

  • Berl, J.L. , A.J. Kunzi, E.A. Flaherty, and R.K. Swihart. 2017. Interspecific comparison of hantavirus prevalence in Peromyscus populations from a fragmented agro-ecosystem in Indiana. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 54: Online First.

  • Flaherty, E.A., S.M. Walker, J.H. Forrester, and M. Ben-David. 2017. Effects of coursebased undergraduate research experiences (CURE) on wildlife students. Wildlife Society Bulletin Published early online.

  • Trapp, S.E., W.P. Smith, and E.A. Flaherty. 2017. Diet and food availability of the Virginia northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus): implications for dispersal in a fragmented forest. Journal of Mammalogy Published early online.

  • Murray, B.D., J.D. Holland, K.S. Summerville, J.B. Dunning, Jr., M.R. Saunders, and M.A. Jenkins. 2017. Functional diversity response to forest management varies with taxon and spatial scales in hardwood forests. Ecological Applications 27: 1064-1081.

  • Owings, C.F., D.F. Jacobs, J.M. Shields, M.R. Saunders and M.A. Jenkins. 2017. Individual and interactive effects of white-tailed deer and an exotic shrub on artificial and natural regeneration in mixed hardwood forests. AoB Plants 9: plx024.

  • Verheyen, K., P. De Frenne, L. Baeten, D.M. Waller, R. Hédl, M.P. Perring, H. Blondeel, J. Brunet, M. Chudomelova, G. Decocq, E. De Lombaerde, L. Depauw, T. Dirnböck, T. Durak, O. Eriksson, F.S. Gilliam, T. Heinken, S. Heinrichs, M. Hermy, B. Jaroszewicz, M.A. Jenkins, S.E. Johnson, K.J. Kirby, M. Kopecký, D. Landuyt, J. Lenoir, D. Li, M. Macek, S. Maes, F. Máliš, F.J.G. Mitchell, T. Naaf, G. Peterken, P. Petřík, K. Reczyńska, D.A. Rogers, F. Hoistad Schei, W. Schmidt, T. Standovár, K. Świerkosz, K. Ujházy, H. Van Calster, M. Vellend, O. Vild, K. Woods, M. Wulf, and *M. Bernhard-Römermann. 2017. Combining biodiversity resurveys across regions to advance global change research. Bioscience 67: 73-83.

  • Webster, C.R., J.H. Rock, and M.A. Jenkins 2017. Response of spring flora to increasing abundance of woody plants within deer exclosures. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 144: 1-14.
  • Congratulation to Kara Salazar, Laura Esman, and the rest of the Rainscaping Team who were awarded the Team Award from PUCESA. The award was presented November 2nd at the Purdue Extension Professional Development Conference.

  • Congratulations to the TWS Quiz Bowl team who placed second at the 24th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society in Albuquerque, NM in September. Thanks Lexi Eiler, Ashley Higdon, Landon Neumann, and Zach Truelock for representing FNR so well. We are all proud of you! TWS Quiz Bowl Team

  • Congratulations to the SAF Quiz Bowl team (Kelle Edington, Sean Vercamp, Damon McGucking, Ed Oleman) who made it to the quarter finals at the Society of American Foresters National Convention in Albuquerque, NM in October. SAF Quiz Bowl Team

  • Congratulations to Nick Kalejs on successfully defending his MS thesis on September 10.

  • Congratulations to Jun Hyung Lee for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on November 2! Jun has accepted a postdoc position at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with the Neal Stewart lab group.

  • Congratulations to Samantha Gallagher on successfully defending her thesis on November 7.

  • Congratulations to Megan Scott on successfully defending her thesis on November 17.

  • Congratulations to Patrick Ruhl who was selected to be the winner of the 2018 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award.

  • Congratulations to Laura D’Acunto who will be the FNR nominee for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools 2018 Excellent in Teaching Award.

  • Congratulations to Mysha Clarke (and to Jenny Dunn from Michigan State U.) on being named winners of the 2017 Society of American Foresters National Convention Diversity Scholarship
  • Society of Maerican Foresters National Convention Diversity Scholarship Winner

  • New FNR Additions!
  • Congratulations to Gary and Sandy Hoover on the birth of their son, Henry Hoover! Henry made his debut on Thursday, September 28th at 6:30 pm. He weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. Welcome to FNR, Henry!
    Henry Hoover  

  • Congratulations to Rob and Deb Swihart on becoming first-time grandparents on Sunday, October 15! Melanie Lua Swihart Hernandez was a month early but still came in at a 4 healthy 5 lbs, 12 oz, 19 inches long. Congratulations to the proud parents – Josh and Miryam Swihart.
    Melanie Lua Swihart Hernandez  

  • Congratulations to Diana Evans on becoming grandma for the third time on November 16. Jackson Reid was 7 lbs. 4 oz., and 19 inches long. Jackson Reid

  • Distinguished Professors
  • A ceremony and reception were held on October 6 to celebrate Purdue’s distinguished and named professors who had been ratified within the past year. The event was held in Stewart Center. Included in the prestigious group was our own Jeff Dukes, the Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability. Congratulations, Dr. Dukes!
    Purdue’s distinguished Award Ceremony 

  • Community Service
    The Arboriculture Practices class (FNR 444) combined field experience with a day of service on September 14 by working with Tree Lafayette. The group pruned several newly established trees along Lafayette streets to make them more safe and sustainable. The group learned about working with volunteers, the importance of trees to the community and proper practice. Our urban forestry program at Purdue has a long-standing partnership with Tree Lafayette which helps provide real-world experiences in Urban Forestry.
    Community Service  

    FNR Halloween Party
    On Friday, October 27, FNRs gathered at Wright Center for their annual Halloween party. 
    Winners in the various competitions were:
  • Pie-Eating Contest – Dr. Goforth

  • Most Creative Costume – Matthw Byrnes

  • Funniest Costume – Dr. Wagner

  • ​Pie in the Face – Tami Conn​

  • Best Group – Cassidy Robinson and Emily Tauber

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest:
  • ​1st place – Sean Verkamp
  • 2nd place – Amy Hanners
  • 3rd place – Jordan Ward
  • FNR Halloween  FNR Halloween


    Conservation and development groups have much to learn from each

    Dr. Zhao Ma, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Social Science

    By Shari Finnell

    October 16, 2017

    “Let’s go outside” is gaining popularity as a part of Indiana teachers’ curriculum

    Purdue Ag News Service

    By Shari Finnell

    October 17, 2017

    Solving Staten Island’s Deer Problem with a Snip and a Stitch.

    New York Times

    By Jonathan Wolfe

    (featuring Nick DeNicola, FNR grad)

    October 16, 2017

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    • Saturday, December 9 – Classes end

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    • Saturday, December 16 – Semester Ends

    • Sunday, December 17 – Commencement

    • Tuesday, December 19 – Grades due

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