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Elizabeth Flaherty

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Habitat Management
FORS Room 109
195 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2033

Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty joined the faculty in FNR as an assistant professor of wildlife ecology and habitat management. Her research interests include mammalian responses to habitat fragmentation, forest ecology, locomotion costs for arboreal and semi-arboreal mammals, and stable isotope ecology.

Selected Publications

Flaherty, E., Ben-David, M., & Pauli, J. N. (2014). A comparison of locomotor performance of the semiarboreal Pacific marten (Martes caurina) and semiaquatic mustelids. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 92, 259-266.

Jordan, C. N., Flaherty, E., & Prather, J. F. (2014). A curious mission: an analysis of Martian molecules. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, 2014. Retrieved from

Jordan, C., Seliga, A. M., & Flaherty, E. (2014). GTA boot camp: a training program to prepare first-time graduate student teaching assistants. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching: Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).

Eckrich, C. A., Flaherty, E., & Ben-David, M. (2013). Estimating leaf area index in Southeast Alaska: a comparison of two techniques. PLOS One, 8, e77642.

Flaherty, E., Noakes, A. G., & Ben-David, M. (2013). Saphenous venipuncture for field collection of blood from least chipmunks. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 37.