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Harmon P Weeks Jr

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Professor Emeritus

Harmon P. Weeks, Jr. received a BSF in 1967 in Forestry/Wildlife Management at the University of Georgia and then achieved a MS in Ecology in 1969 at the same institution. He received a PhD in Wildlife Science in 1974 from Purdue University. He was on the faculty of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies for a year before being invited to return to a faculty position at Purdue.

Harmon’s research at Purdue has and will contine to educate incoming students. His primary focus has been in two rather disparate directions – avian breeding biology and mammalian mineral nutrition. He is especially interested in how anthropogenically modified landscapes impact avian communities and their reproductive success. This features emphasis on birds of seral woodlands and the structure-nesting eastern phoebe, which has been the focus of a 35-year research program.

Intrigued early in his career by sodium-seeking behavior in wild herbivores, he has investigated many aspects of this and how supplementary sodium impacts behavior, physiology, and productivity.

Research Group - Wildlife Science

Facilities - Animal Care Facility, John S. Wright Center, Wildlife Conservation Lab, Wildlife Nutrition and Physiology Lab

Areas of Excellence - Sustaining Hardwood Ecosystems

Related Centers - Center for the Environment, Purdue Interdisciplinary Center for Ecological Sustainability

Awards & Honors

(2008) Purdue Book of Great Teachers. Purdue University.

(2008) Purdue Book of Great Teachers. Purdue University.

(2006) Hoosier Wildlife Award. The Wildlife Society, Indiana Chapter.

Selected Publications

Weeks, H. P. (2010). Eastern Phoebe. In Birds of North America (Vol. 2nd, pp. 1-20). Philadelphia, PA: Academy of Natural Sciences/American Ornithologists Union.

Weeks, S. S., Weeks, H. P., & Parker, G. R. (2010). Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use (Vol. 2nd).

Weeks, H. P. (2006). An Indiana Historical Perspective of Wildlife Issues and a Look to the Future. Annual Meeting of the Indiana Division of Forestry.

Weeks, H. P. (2005). Integrated vegetation management and invasive plant control. International Conference on Forest Vegetation Control.

Weeks, H. P. (2005). Trends in shrubland and forestland songbirds in the Central Hardwoods Region. Managing Wildlife for Sustainable Forests/Managing Forests for Sustainable Wildlife Conference.

Weeks, H. P. (2005). Native Trees of the Midwest. W. Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press.

Weeks, H. P. (2005). Control of woody invasive plants using mechanical and chemical treatments. Proceedings of International Symposiumon Environmental Concerns of ROW Mgmt., 8, 104-107.

,Lowe, Z. E., & Weeks, H. P. (2005). Control techniques for woody invasives. Road School.

,Lowe, Z. E., & Weeks, H. P. (2005). Establishment of native grasses in restored shrublands. Townsend Chemical Native Grassland Restoration Meeting.

Beheler, A. S., Weeks, H. P., & Rhodes, O. E. (2005). Seasonal, brood, and age variation in eastern phoebe clutch size in Indiana.. Wilson Bulletin.