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Other Opportunities in FNR


 Other Opportunitities in FNR


While your basic choice of a major is important and is a primary focus of your undergraduate time at Purdue University, there are many opportunities to expand your horizons and enrich your basic education. 

Study Abroad Opportunities
FNR supports all study abroad opportunities from short time (1 to 4 week study tours) to a semester abroad.  We directly sponsor a 4 week summer program (Summer 2007 program) jointly with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences which rotates betwee the United States and Sweden in alternate summers.  FNR students have studied abroad in Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Kenya, New Zealand, Spain, and Honduras with study tours to Central and South America, China, Great Britain, and Ireland.  For more information, check the following sites:

Honors Programs and Undergraduate Research Leadership Minors - FNR students are encouraged, but not required to complete a minor in also any area