Welcome to FNR Past and Present

The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources has trained professional foresters for the last 100+ years. These graduates, whether their careers were in forestry or some other field, have made major contributions to the economy and society of Indiana, the United States, and the World. More recently we’ve trained professional wildlife and fisheries scientists who’ve made equally significant contributions. We’ve also made major contributions through forestry, wildlife and fisheries research. Since the start of our program in 1905 with only two courses, we have added an extension program, numerous courses that form our five majors which include Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Forestry, Natural Resources, Wildlife and Wood Products Manufacturing Technology and the opportunity to utilize new technologies in studies and research.

Our intent is to use this website for our alumni and friends to directly participant in the past and future of the Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources Department without time limits. We are very fortunate to have a departmental yearbook, the Purdue Log, to help bring back memories. These are still being scanned and posted to this website. Many of you will be interested in the History of Summer Camp. This page will have links to the Purdue Log summer camp stories. If you are a Lost Lake alumnus you will want to keep up-to-date on the Reunion at Lost Lake for future years. The Camp was completely remodeled in 2012, actually rebuilt. The History of the Department is an ongoing project.

Tell us your story: We’d like to know what’s been up in your life since graduation. Equally important we’d like your memories of your time with us, especially at summer camp. You can communicate with us by Facebook or by e-mail to fnrweb@purdue.edu​. If you do a Facebook posting we’ll assume it’s OK to post your stories on this website. If you communicate by e-mail please let us know if you don’t want your story posted.