As a parent or family member of a student going abroad, you might have many questions and concerns. It is important for your questions and concerns be addressed. Feel free to contact us. Thank you for supporting your student to study abroad. You play a key role in encouraging them by lending a hand and giving advice. You must allow the student to take the responsibility and prepare for their experience themselves.


Why should students study abroad? Reasons to Study Abroad

How much does it cost to study abroad? Finances

How safe is study abroad?

How will I stay in contact with my child/sibling? Communication Does my student have insurance? Gallagher Koster Insurance Plan

Does my student have insurance? Gallagher Koster Insurance Plan

Can my child/sibling graduate on time? Yes, the student chooses the program and courses carefully with an academic advisor. Purdue Agriculture Study Abroad offers programs for a semester, summer, maymester, spring break and winter break. If a student goes for a semester they fill out a course equivalency form to get the correct credits.

What is culture shock? Students abroad may or may not experience culture shock and/or homesickness. Not every day will be a good one. Sometimes students will contact home sharing their feelings of culture shock. During these times of confusion and discomfort when a student is being immersed in the culture, please encourage them. You can support them by listening, letting them know that their feelings are normal, tell them to become active in the culture and advise them to get some rest.

What Parents Need to Know! Before, During, and After Education Abroad This booklet is written for parents to help find a program that fits their child, prepare for departure, learn about culture shock, and answer questions. NAFSA: Association of International Educators sells the book for $5.00.