Discovering the Heart of Campus: The Crop Resource Center (CRC)

College can be overwhelming with classes, assignments, deadlines but, in the middle of the complete chaos there’s a “hidden gem” in Lily Hall that has become so much more than just a study spot. For me this gem has been the CRC.

Initially, I looked at the CRC as just a convenient place to work on projects and get extra help but, it wasn’t until my senior year that I realized its true magically what can happen in between those 4 walls. The opportunity to connect with incredible students and professors who become lifelong connections.

Some of the friendships that mean the most to me began right here in the CRC. As we worked side by side on assignments and study sessions, bonds were formed that were aside of academia. it was this room that I discovered a sense of belonging- a home away from home.

Looking back at my years at Purdue, some of my favorite memories have been in this room. Whether it was celebrating successes or figuring out how to navigate these wild 4 years on campus, this space became the backdrop for meaningful connections and shared experiences with the people who get it.

To anyone beginning their college adventure no matter what university or what major, I urge you to explore the lesser-known corners of campus. You never know where you’ll find your CRC- a place where friendships are forged and memories are made.

As we prepare for graduation, I’m so extremely grateful for the CRC and the wonderful friends it has brought into my life. Sometimes, the most valuable lessons learned in college come not from textbooks, but from the people who become lifelong companions.

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