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Agronomy at Purdue University provides global leadership in the plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, soil and water sciences to enhance the quality of life through agronomic education that results from discovery, education and engagement.

Why Agronomy

Agronomy is the core of all agricultural sciences. The management of soil and water, with a view to achieving production of high yielding varieties is exclusively an agronomic domain. Among all the variances in agriculture, agronomy occupies a pivotal position. Similar to agriculture, agronomy is an integrated and applied aspect of different disciplines of pure sciences.




Department of Agronomy
915 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906
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Featured Story

Featured Story

Beth Hall, Indiana State Climatologist
Visionaries: Climate office data helps businesses make better decisions

Beth Hall, Indiana State Climatologist, does all she can to help people with her work and sense of humor

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Upcoming Agronomy Events

New faculty
College of Agriculture appoints first crop of faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

In September, the College of Agriculture announced 10 faculty members who will serve as...

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Escamilla in soybean field
Student’s research promotes healthier, more profitable cattle

In a small town in rural Colombia, Diana Escamilla Sanchez’s grandfather raised coffee,...

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Researchers in Field
Improving soybeans reduces the cost to farmers and the environment

Instead of relying solely on nitrogen in the soil, soybeans and many other legumes can pull...

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field hay
Purdue awarded $10 million for #DiverseCornBelt project

We’ve all heard of hedging a bet or diversifying a portfolio to be able to weather ups and...

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