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Awards & Honors

(2012) Organizing Committee. International Congress of Genetics Scotland.

(2007) Outstanding Graduate Educator. Purdue University.

(2005) Outstanding Graduate Educator (ANSC). Purdue University.

(2001) Distinguished Alumni. Springfield College in Illinios.

(1997) Merck Research Award for Achievement. Poultry Science.

(1996) Animal Well-Being Award. American Poultry Science Association.

Selected Publications

Muir, W. M., Lossie, A., Lo, C., Timm, F., Liu, Y., Whitney, G., & Zhou, F. (2014). Implications of genomic signatures in the differential vulnerability to fetal alcohol exposure in C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice. Front. Genet, doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00173. Retrieved from http://doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00173

Muir, W. M., Bijma, P., & Ellen, E. (2014). Response to Commentary on "Examples of overlooking common sense solutions:the domestication gene and selection against mortality. Front. Genet.,, 30-Sep-14. Retrieved from http://doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00173

Muir, W. M., Chang, C., Cheng, H., Delany, M., & Brugmann, S. (2014). The cellular and molecular etiology of the craniofacial defects in the avian ciliopathic mutant, talpid. Development, 141, 3003-3012. Retrieved from http:// doi:10.1242/dev.105924

Muir, W. M. (2013). Comparison and Contrast of Genes and Biological Pathways Responding to Marek's Disease Virus Infection Using Allele-Specific Expression and Differential Expression in Broiler and Layer Chickens. BMC Genomics, 14, 64-70.

Muir, W. M. (2013). Genetics and the Behaviour of Chickens: Welfare and Productivity. In Genetics and the Behaviour of Domestic Animals, 2nd Edition. (30-Jan). Academic Press.

Muir, W. M. (2013). Genome-wide analysis of genes associated with moderate and high DDT resistance in Drosophila melanogaster. Pest Management Science, 69, 930-937.

Muir, W. M. (2013). Multilevel selection with kin and non-kin groups, experimental results with Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) Evolution, 67, 1598-1606.

Muir, W. M. (2013). Point and Counterpoint Policy Forums: Genetically-Engineered Salmon. The Food and Drug Law Institute, 13, 1. Retrieved from

Muir, W. M. (2013). Transcriptomic analysis of peritoneal cells in a mouse model of sepsis: confirmatory and novel results in early and late sepsis. Bmc Genomics, 13, 141.

Muir, W. M. (2012). A Fast and Efficient Approach for Genomic Selection with High-Density Markers. G3 Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 2, 1179-1184.