About the Wetland

In 2007, Purdue Agriculture introduced the ACRE wetland to create a great place to bring your family or friends whether the visit is for educational purposes or fun. Wetlands are used to store extra water from fields in spring and used to irrigate crops in summer. Trails at the ACRE wetland have interactive signs to help aid onlookers regarding knowledge of the wetland.


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Dawn - Dusk

test Fall
WinterWetland Winter
field of flowers with person Spring
water in wetland with Katy Summer

Features & Creatures

white flower in a field
White Trout Lily

Umbrella shaped green leafy plants

field of green ivy and grasses with tall plant with white and lavender colored flowers in forefront
Eastern Hyacinth

dark green frog with oblong, leopard-like spots in a mudhole
Northern Leopard Frog

Crayfish in the water

Black-Eyed Susan in a field
Black-Eyed Susan

Orange Lily Flower
Turk's Cap Lily

green frog poking head out of PVC pipe
Gray Treefrog

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