Why Visit?

The wetland at ACRE is an educational tool for both young and old. From elementary students learning about the world around them, to the experienced researcher wanting to learn about the impacts of this biome from farming practices, there is learning to be done. At ACRE's wetland, trails are available for anyone take a walk through nature and learn about it first hand. Educational signs along the trail contain fun facts about the environment for all. Seasonal occurrences like spring peepers add wonderful experiences to this wetland. This is a great location even for a casual stroll due to the beautiful year-round scenery, from the lush green in the spring/summer, to the beautiful leaves in the fall



Alerts about the wetland will be posted here



Everyday: Dawn to Dusk



Trail Map

map with lines

graphic with some numbers

Parking Information

Visitors should park near the trail entrance. Buses should park in the lot next to the highway.



  • Field Trips occur regularly during the season showcasing the different details of the ACRE Wetland.
  • The Bingo and Crossword are linked here and can be brought with you when to arrive to participate in the scavenger hunt.