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The Department of Agronomy is home to trailblazing faculty and staff who share an unwavering commitment to student success and are celebrated for ground-breaking research. Our graduate students have access to innovative research opportunities and the latest technologies in the field. Our curriculum emphasizes the foundational knowledge and skills required to improve the productivity and management of agroecosystems using biotechnologies, informatics, and technical solutions for a broad range of environmental challenges. We invite you to become part of our research community, where you will refine your critical thinking skills, expand your professional network, and contribute your unique perspective to shaping agricultural systems both locally and globally.

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Sophia Qu

Sophia Qu
Graduate Program Administrator

MS (thesis / non-thesis) and PhD degrees offered in topics related to:

Plant Genetics & Breeding   |   Plant Physiology   |   Crop Production

Soil Science   |   Agroecology   |   Remote Sensing   |   Crop Modeling

Environmental Microbiology   |   Land & Water Management


Purdue University Interdisciplinary Life Science Program (PULSe)
for Ph.D. Students

Ecological Sciences and Engineering interdisciplinary program

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