What We do:

The mission of the Department of Animal Sciences Ambassador Program is "to promote and serve the Department of Animal Sciences (ANSC)." The Animal Sciences Ambassadors are a selected group of students that represent the department by communicating with potential Animal Sciences' students, alumni, employers, and the public to promote goodwill for the department and Purdue University.

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departmental activities

All Ambassadors partake in many diverse departmental activities and serve on one of the following, evolving committees:


The Preview Days Committee works throughout the year with prospective Purdue Animal Sciences students. Their signature events are the Preview Days where high school students and their families are invited for a day-on-campus (four events each spring) to learn about the different opportunities Purdue Animal Sciences has to offer. Throughout the year they continue to interact with not only students, but other campus visitors as well.


The Development and External Engagement Committee develops programs and events geared towards individuals and groups outside of the Department of Animal Sciences. They oversee departmental visits and tours, connect with alumni, and represent the department in a variety of off-campus events, among numerous other activities. This committee also works with all other committees to assess the impact of Ambassador events in an effort to make those events stronger and more effective. This committee is also charged with working with ANSC stakeholders and identifying sources of support and funding for all Ambassador programs.


The Departmental Relations Committee is largely responsible for organizing events that allow students and faculty opportunities to interact in less formal environments. Examples of such events include the Fall Festival and the End-of-the-Year Faculty Luncheon. Through these and other events, students learn about different research and Extension opportunities and how to get directly involved in high-impact programs.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee works with students, staff, and faculty to ensure that the Purdue Animal Sciences community and the opportunities available through our department and college are open and promoted to everyone. This committee delivers education/engagement programs, social events, and many more activities aimed at creating an environment where all our students succeed.


The Boiler Barnyard is an annual event during Purdue SpringFest where over 30,000 participants visit Purdue’s campus to learn about agriculture and beyond. The Boiler Barnyard takes place in the Purina Pavilion and showcases livestock and poultry (live animals) and animal science-related student clubs. Throughout the event, Ambassadors conduct education programs with the animals on food animal production with audiences that may have very little experience with food production.