Aquaculture Unit

Bob Rode, Manager | Phone (765) 496-7910 |


This facility is used for intensive research efforts in nutrition, reproduction, and genetics with new and established aquaculture species; the manager provides assistance to faculty and staff. The facility is a 7,400-square- foot building and consists of a 4,700-square-foot tank room, a 480-square-foot research laboratory, as well as one office, one conference room and a storeroom. Also, 12 quarter acre ponds are utilized for research in addition to the inside facilities.

Specific objectives of the research include: 1) establishing nutritional requirements and management procedures for rearing aquatic species in Indiana; 2) examining alternative aquatic species for potential as new sources of revenue to the State of Indiana; 3) toxicological studies and 4) genotypic and phenotypic comparisons of certain fish species.

The facility meets research needs as defined by the faculty/staff; it complies with environmental regulations, allows for change and flexibility, and is constructed similar to other farm research facilities.