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Farm Operations

Jeff Fields

Jeff Fields

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The primary objective of the Farm Operations is to provide support to each of the animal species units at the Animal Sciences Research and Education Center. This is accomplished by producing corn and specialty grain for the Feed Mill, corn silage for Dairy and Beef units, and haylage and dry hay for Dairy, Beef and Sheep Units.

Annually, 900 acres of corn, 300 acres of soybeans, 200 acres of alfalfa, 130 acres of grass hay, and 100 acres wheat are produced. The balance of land is in pasture and woods. The production and harvesting of crops and maintenance of the ASREC grounds are done by the Farm Operations Supervisor, four full-time employees and part-time labor. Soil fertility maintenance, manure applications on crop ground (3 pivot irrigation systems and tanker-wagon injection equipment) and record keeping are important facets of this production effort. Support of all animal research units including equipment maintenance, repair, renovation, and additional labor is supplied by Farm Operations staff.​