Six online modules are available for teachers and educators to learn how to develop integrated STEM lessons. To gain access to the modules, please register for access to a Google Classroom containing the modules and additional materials

STEM Integration through AFNR Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to STEM Integration
    An overview of what STEM integration means and how it can be applied in your classroom.
  • Module 2: STEM & Ag Disciplines
    Breaking down what STEM and AFNR means, including "ways of thinking" for each discipline.
  • Module 3: Role of Culture, Community, and Careers
    Explore how your community, different cultures, and careers can add contextualization to your lessons.
  • Module 4: Levels of Integration in STEM & AFNR
    Take a deep dive into what it means to integrate STEM & AFNR at various levels like exploring, developing, and advancing.
  • Module 5: Agroecosystem Thinking vs. STEM Through AFNR Model
    Look at two different models to integration—compare how they can be applied in your setting.
  • Module 6: Assessing Integrating STEM Outcomes
    To wrap up, learn how you can assess you students integrated STEM learning outcomes.

Content Expert Modules:

  • Hydroponics
    Dr. Petrus Langenhoven covers how to get started with a hydroponics system, discussing topics like lighting, nutrition, crop choices and more.
  • Food Safety & Science
    Dr. Betty Feng discusses the importance of food science and safety, various ways your students can be involved, and ways to make this topic accessible in your classroom.
  • Agricultural Robotics & Sensors
    Dr. Roger Tormoehlen introduces a number of agricultural technologies and sensors to enhance your project using data collected through various sensors like lighting, nutrients, and more.