BoilerSteam Module Description


Six online modules are available for teachers and educators to learn how to develop integrated STEM lessons. To gain access to the modules, please register for access to a Google Classroom containing the modules and additional materials

STEM Integration through AFNR Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to STEM Integration
    An overview of what STEM integration means and how it can be applied in your classroom.

  • Module 2: STEM & Ag Disciplines
    Breaking down what STEM and AFNR means, including "ways of thinking" for each discipline.

  • Module 3: Role of Culture, Community, and Careers
    Explore how your community, different cultures, and careers can add contextualization to your lessons.

  • Module 4: Levels of Integration in STEM & AFNR
    Take a deep dive into what it means to integrate STEM & AFNR at various levels like exploring, developing, and advancing.

  • Module 5: Agroecosystem Thinking vs. STEM Through AFNR Model
    Look at two different models to integration—compare how they can be applied in your setting.

  • Module 6: Assessing Integrating STEM Outcomes
    To wrap up, learn how you can assess you students integrated STEM learning outcomes.

Scientific Reasoning: Crime Scene Investigation Series

  • Scientific Reasoning Module 1

  • Scientific Reasoning Module 2

  • Scientific Reasoning Module 3

  • Scientific Reasoning Module 4

  • Citizen Detectives

Scientific Reasoning: Food Fraud Series

  • Sci Reasoning: Food Fraud Module 1

  • Sci Reasoning: Food Fraud Module 2 Part 1

  • Sci Reasoning: Food Fraud Module 2 Part 2

  • Sci Reasoning: Food Fraud Module 3

  • Sci Reasoning: Food Fraud Module 4



Content Expert Modules:

  • Hydroponics
    Dr. Petrus Langenhoven covers how to get started with a hydroponics system, discussing topics like lighting, nutrition, crop choices and more.

  • Food Safety & Science
    Dr. Betty Feng discusses the importance of food science and safety, various ways your students can be involved, and ways to make this topic accessible in your classroom.

  • Agricultural Robotics & Sensors
    Dr. Roger Tormoehlen introduces a number of agricultural technologies and sensors to enhance your project using data collected through various sensors like lighting, nutrients, and more.