ABout THE Weake Lab

Current research in the lab of Dr. Weake focuses on understanding how gene expression is regulated during development and when an organism ages. The Weake lab use the fruit fly, Drosophila, as a model system - but also work with cultured cells and yeast. Our group uses a combination of approaches that include next-generation sequencing, epigenetics/chromatin biology, confocal microscopy, and bioinformatics. 

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Detailed protocols, scripts and code used for analysis, and supporting data for publications are available through the Weake lab site​ at the Purdue University Research Repository or can be requested via email. We are happy to send out any Drosophila stocks or other reagents that are described in our published studies. Please contact us at vweake@purdue.edu with a brief description of the requested materials, mailing address and Fedex account number. Key stocks from our lab may also be available through the BDSC.