03/20/2024: News report of our project on developing automated imaging technology for fast detection of soybecn cyst nemtodes (SCN) infection of soybean plants

03/08/2024Lei Zhang gave a talk at the Phenomics Advisory Board Meeting.

03/01/2024: Trung Hoang joined our lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher. Welcome!

02/29/2024: Vijay Kunwar and Lei Zhang gave two poster presentations at the Indiana Small Farm Conference.

01/16/2024: Lin Ye joined our lab as a PhD student. Welcome!

01/08/2024: Olivia Kelley joined our lab as an undergraduate lab assistant. Welcome!

11/15/2023Vijay Kunwar gave a poster presentation at the Department Showcase: A Virulent Population of the Southern root-knot nematode overcomes the Root-knot Nematode-Resistant Rootstock of Tomato in Indiana.

10/31/2023: Vijay Kunwar presented his research at the Tomato Disease Workshop at West Lafayette, IN.

10/03/2023New publication. Our research on the characterization of soybean cyst nematode virulence phenotypes in Indiana was published at Journal of Nematology! Check it here.

07/10/2023: Dr. Lei Zhang gave an introduction of the Purdue Nematology Lab at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists in Columbus, OH.

06/21/2023: Vijay Kunwar presented his research at the 75th North Central Division Meeting of American Phytopathological Society at West Lafayette, IN.

04/04/2023Ricky Critchfield successfully passed his MS thesis defense. Congratulations!

03/06/2023Dr. Jing Liu joined our lab as a postdoctoral reseacher. Welcome!

11/08/2022: Vijay Kunwar gave a poster presentation at the Department Showcase: Biological Control of Soybean Cyst Nematode by Fungi.

09/28/2022: Dr. Lei Zhang gave a talk at the SON annual meeting in Anchorage, Alaska: Investigating the virulence types of soybean cyst nematode populations in Indiana using a modified HG type test.  

09/05/2022: The Plant Nematology Lab Website is online!

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08/17/2020: The Plant Nematology Lab at Purdue University officially started.