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Forestry Major

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Forest Fire

What do you do?

As a forester, you are charged with protecting and enhancing forest ecosystems and the social and economic benefits produced by forests. You work in the field collecting data on number and species of trees and other plants and animals, supervise tree plantings and tree harvest, manage forest ecosystems to benefit wood productions, wildlife and human use of forests.  Foresters work in a wide variety of locations from wilderness (federal and state lands) to the largest cities (urban and tree care).  An intial view of this variety can be viewed by visiting the following sites:

Society of American Foresters: Is Forestry for You
Indiana SAF: Welcome to the World of Forestry
U.S. Forest Service: What we Do
U.S. Department of Labor: Conservation Scientsts and Forestry

An excellent way to learn more is to schedule a visit. Please feel free to schedule a visit by contacting FNR Student Services by email,, or call 765-494-3591.