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Brian Dilkes


  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Area of Expertise:

  • Genetics

Courses currently taught:

  • AGRY 32000, Genetics
  • HORT 53000, Advanced Plant Genetics

Additional Links:

B. Dilkes Lab Page

Brian Dilkes at Google Scholar

Brian Dilkes on OpenWetWare

Dilkes lab at the Purdue Interdisciplinary Life Science Ph. D. Program

Awards & Honors

(2013) Seeds of Success. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Dilkes, B., Cheon, J., Choe, S., & Fujioka, S. (2013). Brassinosteroids regulate plant growth through distinct signaling pathways in Selaginella and Arabidopsis.. Public Library of Science One, 8(12). Retrieved from http://10.1371/journal.pone.0081938

Dilkes, B., Krothapelli, K., Buescher, E., Lin, X., Chapple, C., Tuinstra, M., & Brown, D. (2013). Dhurrinase2 is required for cyanide release from Sorghum bicolor.. Genetics, 195.

Dilkes, B., Burkart Waco, D., Comai, L., & Josefsson, C. (2013). Early disruption of maternal-zygotic interaction and activation of defense responses in Arabidopsis interspecific incompatibility.. The Plant Cell, 25.

Dilkes, B., Lin, D., Lou, H., Douglas, A., Lahner, B., Yakubova, E., & Salt, D. (2013). Polyploids exhibit higher potassium uptake and salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis. Science, 341(6164).

Dilkes, B., Henry, I., Comai, L., Tyagi, A., & Christensen, B. (2013). quantitative trait locus confers meiotic stability to a natural polyploid of Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell.

Albertin, C., Dilkes, B., & Et al. (2012). Cephalopod Genomics: A plan of strategies and organization. Standards in Genomics Sciences, 7(1). Retrieved from

Dilkes, B., & Baxter, I. (2012). Elemental profiles reflect plant adaptations to the environment. Science, 336(6089), 1661-1663. Retrieved from

Hollister, J., Arnold, B., Svedin, E., Xue, K., Dilkes, B., & Bomblies, K. (2012). Genetic Adaptation Associated with Genome-Doubling in Autotetraploid Arabidopsis arenosa. PLoS Genetics, 8(12), e1003093. Retrieved from

Burkart-Waco, D., Josefsson, C., Dilkes, B., Kozloff, N., Torjek, O., Meyer, R., Altmann, T., . . . Comai, L. (2012). Hybrid incompatibility in Arabidopsis is determined by a multi-locus genetic network.. Plant Physiology, 158(2), 801-812. Retrieved from

Correa, R., Stanga, J., Larget, B., Roznowski, A., Shu, G., Dilkes, B., & Baum, D. (2011). An assessment of transgenomics as a tool for identifying genes involved in the evolutionary differentiation of closely related plant species. New Phytologist, 193(2), 494-503. Retrieved from