College of Agriculture/IPIA Scholarships & Grants

Agriculture students are eligible to apply through the Scholarship/Award Application. The application is due September 15th for those students participating in a spring semester abroad. March 1st is the deadline for those students participating in a summer or fall study abroad program. The amount awarded will be based on the available funds. Most scholarships and grants are awarded to students participating in a program that is eight weeks or longer in duration.

IPIA Grant

Grants are available to all College of Agriculture undergraduates participating in a Purdue study abroad program of eight weeks or longer. A FAFSA form must be on file with Financial Aid to be considered for these grants.

Zamorano University in Honduras

IPIA Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to College of Agriculture undergraduate students participating in a Purdue study abroad program of eight weeks or longer and have a cumulative 3.0 GPA in the semester prior to their study abroad program. Multiple donors and supporters of IPIA have made this scholarship possible. They understand and appreciate the value of study abroad.

Walter Pugsley Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually on the basis of merit and/or demonstrated need of an agriculture student studying abroad for at least eight weeks. The endowment is split with some proceeds being directed toward students from the region of Indiana where the Pugsleys farmed. Walter Pugsley was a farmer near Daleville in southwestern Delaware County. In 1984, Harman Pugsley, Walter's son and the owner of a plumbing supply business, established a scholarship fund in memory of his father.

Horizon Agriculture Study Abroad Scholarship

Agriculture students participating eight weeks or longer in a study abroad program are eligible for this scholarship that is awarded annually. Dr. Lowell Hardin and his late wife, Mary, fully support international programs and created this scholarship to allow students to experience study abroad. Dr. Lowell Hardin has influenced generations with his dedication and vision of agriculture. He joined the Purdue Agriculture faculty in 1943. He served as the Agricultural Economics Department Head, Emeritus Professor of Agriculture, and Assistant Director of International Programs in Agriculture. His passion for international agriculture and development in other countries faithfully continues.

Robert & Karen Thompson Study Abroad Scholarship

This is open to any agriculture student participating in a study abroad experience at least eight weeks in duration. Dr. Robert Thompson served as Dean of Agriculture at Purdue from 1987-1993 and was instrumental in establishing agriculture study abroad. 

He made internationalizing the undergraduate experience a high priority and is noted for his dedication to reducing poverty and hunger worldwide through the development of environmentally sound agricultural policies.Thompson, former assistant secretary of agriculture under President Reagan, received a masters and doctorate from Purdue University.

College of Agriculture Study Abroad Scholarship

Participants in a study abroad program of eight weeks or longer are eligible for this scholarship. Louise Haas, daughter of Glenn W. Sample, created this scholarship in support of study abroad programs. Glenn W. Sample (1912-1980) was a pioneer in Indiana agriculture for more than 50 years. He helped establish agricultural communication as a career field, serving as a farm journalist, as an agricultural editor at Purdue and as information director and "Hoosier Farmer" editor at Indiana Farm Bureau. He also hosted a daily farm radio program and launched an international travel service for farmers. Sample was elected vice president and secretary of Indiana Farm Bureau and became a leader in developing Indiana agricultural policy.

John & Emily Huie Endowment for International Programs in Agriculture

Preference is given to undergraduate students involved in educational programs related to the elimnation of poverty, or improved health and nutrition in Southern Africa. Dr. John Huie came to Purdue as an Assistant Professor of AgEcon in 1968 with a focus on public policy and community development. Following a 1993 trip to Africa University in Zimbabwe, his place of birth, Dr. Huie assisted in the development of a memorandum of understanding between Purdue and Africa University to establish a formal relationship. From 1999 until retiring in 2003, Dr. Huie continued his work in public policy and community development in AgEcon.

Christina York Stanley Award

This award is administered by IPIA and is open to any Agriculture student participating in a study abroad experience of at least two weeks duration. Dr. and Mrs. Alan York created an endowment in honor of their late daughter, Christina York Stanley. They understand and appreciate the value of studying abroad. Dr. York has been at Purdue since 1974 and recently retired as a Professor of Entomology. While a faculty member, he led numerous Maymester study abroad courses.

Agriculture Departments

Several individual agriculture departments offer grants and scholarships to their students studying abroad. Check with the academic advisor within the department for information and application procedures.

Purdue Study Abroad Office Scholarships

Any funding that is administered by the Purdue Study Abroad Office is available to Purdue agriculture students who have been accepted on a program. To apply for funding accepted agriculture study abroad students must go to the "my study abroad" page to access the funding applications on their website. Students can login to the "my study abroad" page by entering their career account login and password.

Other Scholarships & Grants

The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers a competition for awards for undergraduate study abroad. The scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding to participate in study abroad programs of at least four weeks long. Programs during the summer are not eligible. April 15th is the deadline for those students studying abroad for the fall semester or academic year. October 7th is the deadline for those students studying abroad during the spring semester. 

David L. Boren Scholarships are for undergraduate students to add important international and language components to their educations. Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 for an academic year's study abroad. 

Studyabroad.comStudyabroadfunding.comInternational Education Financial AidFastweb.com, and Finaid.org has information about study abroad grants and scholarships. 

If a supplemental loan for study abroad is needed, students can check out Studyabroadloan.comSallieMae.com, or Nelliemae.org. There are many options available on the internet. 

Australia – Students studying for a semester in Australia can apply to Study in Australia Scholarships.Ireland Castle