Current Research

Phage Ebner lab specimenAntibiotics are a powerful production tool and offer producers a wide range of benefits as anti-infectives, but also as growth promoters. We feel that single technologies that completely replace these benefits are likely quite rare. Thus, we are proposing two pipelines of research aimed at identifying alternatives that when combined, can produce the antibacterial and growth promoting effects of antibiotics without the generation of antibiotic resistance and risk to public health.
In Pipeline One, we will focus on developing bacteriophages as antibacterials and a means to target specific bacterial infections endemic in Pakistan poultry production.  In Pipeline Two, we will focus on refinement and utilization of various phytochemicals from agro-wastes as a means of enhancing feed efficiencies and growth.
In order to bring our technologies to eventual clinical and commercial use in Pakistan, several challenges must be overcome, beyond the research and development of the technologies themselves. Therefore, we also aim to outline strategies that will help ensure the developed technologies reach practitioners. While our results will be applicable to other countries and scenarios, the research described here is focused exclusively on defining barriers, consumer perceptions, regulatory frameworks, and commercialization pathways as they exist in Pakistan.