Research Capabilities

Purdue's Ag Alumni Seed Controlled Environment Phenotyping Facility (CEPF) employs a novel automated phenotyping system that facilitates plant growth and high-throughput plant measurements. We support a broad range of applications in plant science, crop breeding, agricultural engineering, molecular biology and plant pathology to name a few.

As researchers increasingly have access to relatively inexpensive genotypic data, there is a need for quantitative phenotypic data to complement this information.

The CEPF bridges this gap by explaining gene function and revealing how plants respond to a changing environment – a critical step in addressing the growing global demand for food, fuel and fiber.

Plant growth

  • 256-plant capacity
  • Precise environmental controls
  • Automated conveyors for plant growth and randomization
  • 60,000-square-feet of connected greenhouse space

Precision irrigation

  • Fully automated and precise weight-based water dosing and water-to-saturation options
  • Single nutrient limitation with gradient control

Imaging and measurement

  • Image up to 13-foot-tall plants
  • RGB cameras quantify traits over time, such as height, width, color and shape
  • Hyperspectral cameras reveal nutrient content, stress reaction, disease and insect infection
  • X-ray CT root scanner non-destructively records root growth and architecture over a long period of time - all in 3D

Data management

  • Web-based data delivery
  • Experiment and plant management
  • Conduit for connecting plant researchers and facilitating collaboration
  • Zegami plant phenomics software
  • Sort, select and analyze date visually
  • Generate and interrogate complex graphs on the fly