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Center for Rural Development

Rural communities in Indiana are facing many changes and challenges that both threaten and provide opportunities to their economic and social well-being.  One of our goals is to provide information and educational programs on important issues to assist individuals, families, businesses, and communities in their decision making.
The purpose of this site is to connect you more easily to the faculty in the Department of Agricultural Economics and to their research, publications, presentations, and programs that impact rural development.

 Rural Business Resources

Resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners.   The contact people for this area are Dr. Joan Fulton and Dr. Maria Marshall.
Rural  Business Resources Links

 Local Government Resources

Indiana taxpayers, residents and public officials can find resources about Indiana local government, including property taxes and local income taxes, the state budget, school funding, streaming videos, commentary and on-line decision tools.  The contact person for this area is Dr. Larry DeBoer.
Local Government Resource Links

 Other Purdue Resources

This is a listing of other resources that pertain to Rural Development that may be found at Purdue.
Other Purdue Resource Links

 Leadership Development Resources

Resources for community leadership development programs. The contact person for this area is Dr. Janet Ayres.

 Population & Health Resources


​Due to the large number of resources, this category has been sub divided.  The contact person for this area is Dr. Brigitte Waldorf.


 Rural Issues Series