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The Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (PAER) exists to serve and further the core mission of the department to engage with real world problems that are of value to stakeholders. The scholarship communicated in this publication will represent the department’s excellence in creative endeavor for new knowledge and its dissemination in the economics of agriculture and natural resources.

Recent Publication:

2021-04 Purdue Agricultural Economics Report – Graduate Student Research Issue

April 20, 2021

Welcome to our first full PAER issue of 2021! We look forward to aggregating the great work from the Ag Econ Department this year and helping to bring it to the PAER readership. A key mission of PAER is to represent the breadth of research in our Department and make it accessible to our readership. We hope that a reader surveying our list of articles comes away with a sense of how robust the department’s research profile is – spanning discussion of Indiana’s farmland prices to major international policy debates-.

The editors, in pursuit of the PAER mission, opted to make the April issue themed “Graduate Student Research.” The Purdue Ag Econ graduate students are a key element in research productivity and intellectual drive. We are proud to be training and collaborating with these beginning researchers that will set the standard for discovery in their disciplines for the next generation. Moreover, calling on this group for PAER submissions provides a great lens for readers around the Indiana and the Midwest to view a snapshot of the graduate students-led intellectual life of our Department.



Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-2

Authors: Kendra Morrissette, Ph.D. Candidate; Jayson Lusk, Distinguished Professor & Purdue Ag Econ Department Head; and Brian Bourquard, Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, Food and Agriculture Strategy

Summary: An analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on Indiana agriculture production through 2020.
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-3

Authors: Eli Mefford, M.S. Student; Mindy Mallory, Associate Professor &
Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation Endowed Chair of Food & Agricultural Marketing

Summary: Taking a closer look at the relationship between cattle futures and financial markets during the spring of 2020.
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-4

Authors: Chad Fiechter, Ph.D. Student, Brady Brewer, Assistant Professor, & Todd H. Kuethe, Associate Professor & Schrader Endowed Chair in Farmland Economics

Summary: We find that appraisers, ag lenders, and other farmland market experts do not want to over-predict future farmland values. When making financial decisions or interacting with appraisers and ag lenders it is important to understand the existence of this conservative bias.
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-5

Author: Mario Ortez, Ph.D. Student

Summary: Can farmers alter the supply of agricultural products in the very short run? They may!
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-6

Authors: DongWhoi Moon, Ph.D. Candidate & H. Holly Wang, Professor of Agricultural Economics

Summary: Examination of the U.S. public’s knowledge and concerns about microplastic pollution. Findings indicate that while the public are not widely aware of microplastic pollution, they are willing to take action to mitigate risks related to such pollution once they have been informed.
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-7

Authors: Mario Ortez, Nhu (Claire) Nguyen and Zachary T. Neuhofer, Ph.D. Students

Summary: How can sugarcane farmers improve sustainability, productivity, and market access? We advocate for cooperatives, weather/soil maps, byproduct utilization and seed engineering.
Publication Date: April 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-8

Authors: Mario Ortez, Ph.D. Student, and Roman Keeney, Associate Professor

Summary: Highlighting award winning graduate student research at Purdue Ag Econ
Publication Date: March 2021
Article ID: PAER-2021-1

Authors: Maksym Chepeliev, Research Economist; and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Director and Research Professor

Summary: With the U.S. re-entering the Paris Agreement on Climate, Purdue researchers consider the economic consequences for the US economy. Their findings show economic costs can be moderated (and inequality reduced) under a cooperative approach to meeting carbon reduction targets.
Publication Date: December 2020
Article ID: 2020-PAER-27

Author: Larry DeBoer, Professor of Agricultural Economics

Summary: We know the economy will recover in 2021. Everything else is uncertain. How fast will we get the pandemic under control? How fast will consumers regain their confidence? Will Congress pass another aid bill? Professor Larry DeBoer takes a leap into the unknown, with a general economic outlook.

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