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Craig L Dobbins

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor of Agricultural Economics
Krannert Room 686

Professor Dobbins conducts extension and teaching programs in farm management. His areas of interest include the application of decision support tools to farm management problems, farm financial management, and farmland economics.

Professor Dobbins teaches two undergraduate courses: AGEC 411 – Farm Management and AGEC 412 – Farm Business Management Workshop.

His recent publications include: Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance, Purdue Extension Publication EC-712; Developing Vision and Mission Statements, Purdue Extension Publication EC-720; Principles for Structuring Small Businesses and Farms, Extension Publication EC-729; and “Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rent Jump Upward,” Purdue Agricultural Economics Report, August 2005, pages 1 – 8.

Awards & Honors

(2013) Career Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association.

(2009) AAEA Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Group Award. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association.

(2008) Abstract Award for Humanaities/Socal Sciences. Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium.

(2008) David C. Phendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor in the Department of Agricultural Economics. 2007-2008. College of Agriculture, Purdue University.

(2006) Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award. College of Agriculture.

(2005) Team Award. Purdue Univesity Cooperative Extension Specialist Association Award.

(2004) Certificate of Achievement. Epsilon Sigma Phi.

(2004) Chapter recognition for level of activity and improvement in activities. Gamma Sigma Delta.

(2004) Outstanding Team Award. PUCESA.

(2004) Seed of Excellence. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

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