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Joan R Fulton

Agricultural Economics 

  • Assc Dept Head/Professor Ag Economics
Krannert Room 649

Dr. Fulton teaches a senior level undergraduate marketing course as well as the advanced quantitative methods course in the MS/MBA program. Dr. Fulton is active in Extension programming. She is Chair of Purdue’s New Ventures Team and Director of Purdue’s Agricultural Innovation and Commercialization Center (AICC) where she is active in the development and delivery of programs to assist individuals and groups evaluate new business opportunities.

Dr. Fulton’s research focuses on problems related to marketing and business structure both in the United States and internationally. Her recent work examined word-of-mouth marketing among farmers in the United States. In West Africa she has explored the importance of alternative extension programming for technology transfer and adoption of improved technologies. She is currently examining the factors that contribute to successful entrepreneurship for women selling street food in West Africa and other developing countries.

Dr. Joan Fulton joined the Purdue Agricultural Economics faculty in July 1997. She completed her Ph.D. work at the University of Minnesota where she explored the impact of centralized versus decentralized decision-making authority in grain marketing cooperatives. She previously held assistant professor positions at the University of Alberta and Colorado State University.

Awards & Honors

(2012) Purdue Extension Outstanding Faculty/Specialist Award. Purdue Extension.

(2011) PUCESA Mid-Career Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association.

(2009) Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Group Award. The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

(2006) Senator at Large for the University Faculty Senate. Purdue University Senate.

(2004) Purdue University Acorn Award. Purdue University.


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Selected Publications

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