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Juan P Sesmero

Agricultural Economics 

  • Assistant Professor of Ag Economics
Krannert Room 591A

Dr. Juan Sesmero is as an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics. He completed his Ph.D. in agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Juan's teaching and research activities are focused primarily on natural resource and environmental economics.

He has a strong interest in the identification and measurement of trade-offs between economic efficiency and distributional equity in the context of energy, climate, and water policy.

Juan is also interested in the role of technological progress in resource extraction and the resulting ecological sustainability of production systems. His research also includes measurement of environmental and marketing efficiency in the biofuels industry and agricultural productivity growth in China.


Awards & Honors

(2014) Certificate of Recognition as Advisor of Best MS Thesis Award (Student: Aaron Cook). Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University.

(2014) Certificate of Recognition for Capstone Project Advisor Receiving an Honorable Mention, MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management. Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University.

(2014) Early Career Professional Leadership Award, Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE). Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE).

Selected Publications

Sesmero, J., Irfanoglu, Z., & Golub, A. (in press). Border Tax Adjustments vs Punitive Tariffs: Comparison of the Potential to Deter Free Riding in International Greenhouse Gas Abatement Agreements. Environmental Research Letters.

Sesmero, J. (2014). Cellulosic biofuels from crop residue and groundwater extraction in the US Plains: The case of Nebraska. Journal of environmental management, 144.

Sesmero, J. (in press). Corn Residue Supply in the Irrigated Corn Belt. BioEnergy Research.

Sesmero, J., & Iglesias, C. (in press). Economic Analysis of Supplementing Sugarcane with Corn for Ethanol Production in Brazil: A Case Study in Uberaba. BioEnergy Research.

Sesmero, J., Tyner, W., & Pratt, M. (in press). Supply Response, Marginal Cost and Soil Erosion Implications of Stover-Based Energy. Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy.

Sesmero, J., & McCarty, T. (in press). Uncertainty, Irreversibility, and Investment in Second-Generation Biofuels. BioEnergy Research.

Sesmero, J. (in press). Corn Residue Supply in the Irrigated Corn Belt. BioEnergy Research.

English, A., Tyner, W., Sesmero, J., Owens, P., & Muth, D. (2013). Environmental Tradeoffs of Stover Removal and Erosion in Indiana. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining.

Sesmero, J., & Gramig, B. (2013). Farmers' Supply Response, Price of Corn Residue, and Its Economic Viability as an Energy Feedstock. BioEnergy Research.

Horowitz, J., Karls, M., Sesmero, J., & Van Cott, N. (2013). Innovation, Parallel Shifts of Supply, and Welfare. Agricultural Economics Review.