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William Alan Miller

Agricultural Economics 

  • Farm Business Management Specialist
Krannert Room 691

Mr. Miller is a native of Indiana who joined the staff at Purdue University in January, 1995. Previously he had served eleven years as an Extension Economist for Auburn University and five years as an Area Extension Specialist in Farm Management for the University of Kentucky. While in Kentucky he also served as fieldman for the Ohio Valley Farm Business Analysis Group, Inc. and while in Alabama he established the Wiregrass Farm Analysis Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization which serves farmer-members in Southeastern Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida. He has extensive experience in working with farm businesses and farm families in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Miller's primary Extension education focus is on providing training and educational materials for farmers in such farm business management subject matter areas as accounting, business organization, computerized farm and small business accounting software, farm costs and returns estimates and crop enterprise budgets, finance, management development, and management succession planning. He coordinates the annual Indiana Farm Management Tour and the annual Farming Together Workshop for the Agricultural Economics Department. He is a member of the Agricultural Economics Department’s Top Farmer Workshop Team and monitors agricultural input costs for the Department’s Agricultural Outlook programs.

In 2002, Mr. Miller co-authored the description of the term “Estate Planning” for Volume 2 of MACMILLAN Reference USA’s new four-volume Encyclopedia of Aging. He has also authored or co-authored numerous Extension publications on various topics related to farm business management.

Mr. Miller has taught AGEC 425, Estate Planning and Property Transfer, since 1996. He also co-taught AGEC 311, Accounting for Farm Business Planning, from its inception in 1997 through 2000.

Mr. Miller is currently a Director and Secretary-Treasurer of the national Farm Financial Standards Council and Director and Secretary of the Indiana Farm Management Association. He is a Past President of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist's Association and the National Association of Farm Business Analysis Specialists.

Awards & Honors

(2008) PUCESA Senior Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association.

(2006) A/P staff 10 year service recognition 2006. Purdue University.

(2003) PUCESA Team Award 2003. Purdue Unviersity Cooperative Extension Specialist's Association.

Selected Publications

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