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Maria I Marshall

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor of Ag Economics

Associate Professor Maria Marshall conducts an applied research and Extension program in small and family business management, food marketing, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Marshall received her M.A. from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and her Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Kansas State University.

Dr. Marshall is an Extension Specialist in small business development. Her Extension program seeks to increase economic development by providing research-based decision making tools for entrepreneurs and small business development practitioners. Specifically, the focus of her Extension program is on small business development via educational programs aimed at increasing the number, profitability, and sustainability of small businesses. She has mainly concentrated on micro-enterprise development by providing business management assistance, and developing research-based instructional materials and publications that can be used with diverse audiences.

Dr. Marshall’s applied research is the foundation of her Extension program and focuses on small business development, family business management, and rural economic development. Her small and family business research is focused on areas such as the firm birth process, business management, and succession. Her rural economic development research focuses on alternative enterprises, small farms, and disaster recovery. Her main research goal is to determine the resource exchange between the family, the community and the business.

Awards & Honors

(2013) Honorable Mention, Best Paper in Family Business. United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

(2011) Seed for Success Award, Purdue University. Purdue University.

(2010) 2010 Partnership Award for Multistate Efforts with the National Food MarketMaker Project. USDA-NIFA.

(2010) Distinguished National Extension/Outreach Program Individual: Less Than 10 Years Experience Award. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

(2009) Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Award: Group. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

(2008) Early Career Award. PUCESA.

(2008) Sustainable Agriculture Outreach Award. Hoosier Environmental Council.

(2007) Purdue Agriculture Dean's Team Award. College of Agriculture.

(2006) 2006 PUCESA Team Award. PUCESA.

(2006) Outstanding Ag Econ Extension Website InVenture. American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA).

Selected Publications

Lotter, D., Marshall, M., Weller, S., & Mugisha, A. (2014). African Indigenous and Traditional Vegetables in Tanzania: Production, Post-Harvest Management and Marketing. African Crop Science Journal, 22(3), 181-189.

Croft, M., Marshall, M., & Weller, S. (2014). Consumers’ Preference for Quality in Three African Indigenous Vegetables in Western Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, 3(5), 067-077.

Marshall, M. (2014). Goals of Small Rural Midwestern Family Businesses. (April Issue). Retrieved from

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Marshall, M., & Flaig, A. (2014). Marriage, Children and Self-Employment: An Analysis of Self-Employed Women in the US. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 35(3), 313-322.

Marshall, M., & Schrank, H. (2014). Small Business Disaster Recovery-A Research Framework. Natural Hazards, 72(2), 597-616. Retrieved from

Josephson, A., & Marshall, M. (2014). The Effectiveness of Post-Katrina Disaster Aid: The Influence of SBA Loans on Small Businesses in Mississippi. The Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the International Institute for Infrastructure Resilience and Reconstruction (I3R2) 20-22 May 2014, 141-145.

Veldstra, M., Alexander, C., & Marshall, M. (2014). To Certify or Not to Certify? Separating the Production and Certification Decisions. Food Policy, 49(2), 429-436.

Lee, Y., Robb, D., & Marshall, M. (2013). Factors Influencing the LIkelihood of Holding IRAs and DC Plans among Minority Workers in the U.S. Journal of Asian Regional Associaton of Home Economics, 17(3), 84-93.

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