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Gerald E Shively

Agricultural Economics 

  • Associate Department Head
  • Professor of Agricultural Economics
Krannert Room 656

Professor Shively conducts nationally and internationally recognized research on agricultural development and the environment. His research focuses on the links among poverty, land and labor use, and natural resource management in developing regions of the world. His interests also include the environmental and distributional implications of sectoral and macroeconomic policies, and dynamic household models incorporating risk. Prof. Shively's international experience includes research in numerous African and Asian countries.

Prof. Shively has been designated a University Faculty Scholar and is the 2007 recipient of Purdue’s Agricultural Research Award.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of Agricultural Economics, the flagship journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists and serves on the Editorial Policy Board of the journal Environment and Development Economics.

Awards & Honors

(2013) Academic Leadership Program. Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

(2013) Blue Ribbon Panel. Council on Food Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE).

(2013) Editorial Board. Land Economics.

(2013) Editor-in-Chief. International Association of Agricultural Economists.

(2013) Policy Board. Environment and Development Economics.

(2012) Committee on Institutional Cooperation, Academic Leadership Program. Purdue University and Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

(2012) Editorial Board. Land Economics.

(2012) Editorial Policy Board. Environment and Development Economics.

(2012) Outstanding Graduate Educator. Purdue University College of Agriculture.

(2012) University Faculty Scholar. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Chibwana, C., Shively, G. E., Fisher, M. M., Jumbe, C., & Masters, W. A. (in press). Measuring the Impacts of Malawi’s Farm Input Subsidy Progra. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, (9), 1-15.

Nelson, G., & Shively, G. E. (in press). Modeling Climate Change and Agriculture: Introduction to the Special Issue. Agricultural Economics, (45), 1-2.

Ricker-Gilbert, J., Jayne, T., & Shively, G. E. (2013). Addressing the Wicked Problem of Input Subsidy Programs in Africa. Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy, 35(2), 322-340.

Jagger, P., & Shively, G. E. (in press). Land Use Change, Fuel Use and Respiratory Health in Uganda. Energy Policy.

Ainembabazi, J. H., Shively, G. E., & Angelsen, A. (2013). Charcoal production and household welfare in Uganda: a quantile regression approach. Environment and Development Economics, 18(5), 537-558.

Chibwana, C., Jumbe, C., & Shively, G. E. (2013). Agricultural Subsidies and Forest Clearing in Malawi. Environmental Conservation, 40(1), 60-70.

Tadesse, G., & Shively, G. E. (2013). Repeated Transaction in Rural Grain Markets of Ethiopia. Journal of Development Studies, 49(9), 1172-1187.

Brown, M., Grace, K., Shively, G. E., Johnson, K., & Carroll, M. (in press). Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Household Survey Data to Assess Human Health and Nutrition Response to Environmental Change. Population and Environment.

Wunder, S., Borner, J., Shively, G. E., & Wyman, M. (in press). Safety nets, gap filling and forests: a global-comparative perspective. World Development.

Sunderland, T., Achidiawan, R., Angelsen, A., Babigumira, R., Ickowitz, A., Paumgarten, F., . . . Shively, G. E. (in press). Challenging perceptions about men, women and forest product use: a global comparative study. World Development.