Agribusiness Club Attends The 48th Annual National Farm Machinery Show

On Saturday, February 16, the Agribusiness Club with assistance from the Center for Commercial Agriculture sponsored a trip to the 48th Annual National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.  Andy Oppy, club advisor, accompanied thirteen undergraduate students on the trip.  Students enjoyed access to 1.2 million square feet of indoor exhibition space, containing more than 850 displays!
Participants included: Andrew Smith (Freshman, Agribusiness, Galveston, IN), Kaitlyn Winters (Freshman, Agrifinance, Huntington, IN), Elizabeth Blinn (Freshman, Agribusiness, Warren, IN), Kayla Koedel (Freshman, Wildlife, Huntington, IN), Daron Wilson (Sophomore, Ag Econ, Daleville, IN), Kent Brookins (Sophomore, Quantitative AGEC, New Paris, IN), Yuqian Lin (Junior, ABE, China), Katherine Chang (Freshman, Farm Management, Taiwan), Corbin Robins (Senior, Ag Econ, Greensburg, IN), Wuxheqian Xiao (Freshman, Agribusiness, Nanchang, China), Deidre Chenoweth (Sophomore, AGEC, Portland, IN), Danae Wise (Senior, Agribusiness Management, Goshen, IN), Amanda Mowery (Sophomore, Agribusiness, Worthington, IN).
Students “kicked off” the day with a representative from Farm Credit Services Mid-America who shared information about career opportunities within the organization and current trends in the agricultural industry.  Farm Credit Services Mid-America also provided lunch vouchers for the group.  After the presentation, students were free to roam the exhibition center.
Katherine Chang, a student new to American Agriculture said, “I never knew there were such a variety of machines in farm fields.  I’ve learned that agricultural tasks are not just simple processes of planting and harvesting, but rather complex and innovative works that involve diverse technologies.”  Yuqian Lin, another international student, was excited to see the machinery she had only read about in her Agriculture and Biological Engineering courses. 
Corbin Robins, a student who had attended the show numerous times in the past, was impressed by the advances made over the past few years.  “Every year new technology is coming out and is boosting productivity.”  Wuzheqian Xiao noticed that, “technology and computers are now playing a vital role in production agriculture.”


Other attendees were overwhelmed by the number of exhibitors.  Deidre Chenoweth stated “I was most interested by how many different companies and the variety of products present.  There were multiple competitors for each line of product.”




Group at John Deere Booth



Two visit old pickup



Two future agronomists?