Credit Transfer

Hello everyone!!

Hopefully you guys had a great holiday break and are ready to start another wonderful semester! I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the importance of getting your high school credits transferred to Purdue to count for your major credits. In most high schools today, there are opportunities to take college credit classes that can easily transfer into Purdue( which I highly recommend ). Most students just hope that their classes transfer over, but like many students that I have talked to, their needs to be a discussion with your advisor to make sure Purdue is accepting the credits and that they can at least be used for electives. The reason I bring this topic up is that it has many benefits while in college. It saves you a lot of money through your four years, it relieves taking more difficult classes at a university criteria, it gives you the possibility to graduate early, and it’s opens the door to venturing out of your major. Depending on how many credits you have transferred in, depends on the amount of venturing you are allowed. Most students have the opportunity to complete a minor during their normal four year degree, but with extra transferred credits the discussion of dual majoring or multiple minors come into play. Showing your desire to broaden your horizons through a double major or multiple minors, could be one of the most impressive and highlighted section of your resume. Employers always love to see future employees exploring different fields and wanting to gain knowledge in other possibly related areas. This makes you as an employee, well rounded and more valuable to your employer. Also from experience, getting out and meeting new people in other majors, immersing yourself in classes that you wouldn’t regularly be in, makes college way more fun and exciting!

No matter how many credits you have to transfer, make sure you are fighting for them to count during your college career. Giving yourself that opportunity to adventure through classes during college will make the overall experience much more beneficial!

Have a great semester!


Karson Kamman

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