Spring 2019 @ Purdue

Hi Boiler Country!
Welcome back after a nice, relaxing Christmas Break. I hope everyone’s semester is off to a good start.
This is the semester the first of my senior year! Boy is it hard to believe that I am a senior already! These plans came to be at the end of last semester, when I decide I am going to graduate a semester earlier than originally planned. Thanks to high school transfer credits, starting off taking 3 summer classes, and taking an average of 16 credits per semester, I have met my 120 credit requirement early. Therefore, if graduating early is something you might be interested in yourself, the agronomy department will work with you, hand and hand, to make sure you can reach that goal.
Aside from taking classes here at Purdue, I also work two part time jobs in the Horticulture Department. I get my connection with the Horticulture department because I have also picked up a minor in Horticulture along with majoring in Agronomy. I work in the HORT 101 lab. This is the general introduction class to horticulture. I work out in the greenhouse setting up the plants that the students in the class will observe and collect data from. I love working in the Purdue greenhouses. It is a great environment to be in, especially this time of year when its so cold outside. I also work in the HORT 360 lab. This is a flower arranging class. I help sort the floral materials and set up for the labs. I also get the privilege of make the sample arrangements too! Flower arranging is a passion of mine. I learned how to do it from my mom, and her mom (my grandma) taught her. So, it is something that has been pasted down in my family for generations. I recommend taking both classes, and if you end up needing any help, well now you know who to contact!
Looking forward unto events going on this semester, I am really looking forward to Purdue Ag Week and Spring fest. I also look forward to helping at the Purdue College of Agriculture Alumni Fish Fry in a few weeks. Getting involved at Purdue is important. It makes for a good study break, great way to meet new friends, and have lots of fun!
Good luck this semester!
Hail Purdue!
Ashley Thurman
Purdue Horticulture Society President

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