My Last Semester…

Hey All! Finally here- my last semester as an undergraduate. As exciting as it is to be close to done, one of my biggest goals for this semester is to finish well. It is really easy for seniors to just drop all responsibilities and coast out- but I want to make sure I give this semester my all. My final semester is no less important than my first semester on campus.

This final semester is a fun but busy one. I am taking not only two great agronomy classes (Forages and Soil Fertility), but also two interesting history classes. I am taking History of the Space Age and History of Purdue, which is a special class in celebration of Purdue’s 150th anniversary. I also am taking a bowling class which is a lot of fun! Would highly suggests students consider taking it, it is great stress relief. If I could offer any other advice, it would be to make sure and take Soil Fertility earlier than your senior year, as it has a lab that is very similar to your freshman year chemistry classes and can be needlessly difficult if you wait to long after those skills are gone.

Aside from that I would remind incoming students to always keep an open mind towards changes that might not fit into “your plan” because unique and great opportunities may come up that you do not want to miss!

Thanks Everyone!


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