how do social media meta tags work in cascade?

Social media meta tags are the code used to provide sharable information for Cascade pages, events, and news articles. Cascade uses a combination of banner images, html text tags, and system defaults when it builds these meta tags.

Meta tags consist of:

  • title
  • description
  • image

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HOW to override meta tags in CASCADE:

Cascade allows content creators to override or adjust social media meta tags. For example, a content creator may not want to use an image banner or they want to use a different title, description, or image than the one used on a page, event, or news article.

Edit any page, event, or news article and scroll to the bottom of the form and choose the Social Media Sharing Metadata section. You can then add a custom title, description, or image override of your choice.

social media form section screen capture


Q: How can I verify my social media meta tag override worked?
A: Make your social meta tag edits, publish your page, event, or news article then wait for your edited changes to go live. Then use your phone, browser, sharing app, or a meta tag validator tool to verify.