Welcome! This handy reference is your guide to The College of Agriculture’s (CoA) choice of Content Management System (CMS) named Cascade. Use this always up-to-date guide to help you learn, access and use Cascade more efficiently to create and edit web content as a content manager and/or content creator.


Use the Contact Us information for any additional Cascade support requests.

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This handy reference is your web guide to all things Cascade. Cascade is a Hannon Hill software solution and is a major CMS used at colleges and universities around the world. The College and Indiana State Extension use Cascade to maintain and manage content for the following site domains:

Use this always up-to-date guide to help you learn, access, and use Cascade more efficiently to create and edit web content as a content manager and/or content creator. 

Note: This guide cross-references Cascade’s official help site, which is an extremely useful resource for any Cascade user.

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Latest Site Insight

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Site maintenance is at the core of The Web Stewardship Best Practices Agreement. Learn how you can keep your site content fresh the easy way.

Weekly site maintenance actions you can perform:

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) go beyond what Cascade CMS currently offers and answer other web-related topics:

Q: How can I view Microsoft-based digital documents in my browser?
A: Compatible operating systems and browsers support viewing of Microsoft Office documents. Browser plugins for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Apple iOS devices, and Android devices also enable digital document viewing.

Q: How can I view Adobe PDF digital documents in my browser?
A: Modern operating systems and web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari have this ability built in.

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Our new Chatbot feature uses artificial intelligence to answer your Cascade User Guide support questions.

For example, you can ask anything you want to know about Cascade, such as “How do I add a new Cascade page” or "How do I edit images".

Note: Kindly refresh the Chatbot whenever you intend to shift topics. The Chatbot retains the ongoing conversation context and endeavors to respond accordingly. To ensure accurate and contextually relevant answers, it is recommended to refresh the Chatbot conversation whenever you change topics.

New Cascade Solutions

Discover the essentials of Cascade blocks—the versatile content pieces in Cascade CMS that ensure easy maintenance and consistency across multiple pages. Learn how to utilize static and dynamic blocks, manage site navigation, and more with our comprehensive Cascade Block Guide.

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