Personal Computer, Mac and Printer Procurement Program

 *Important Note - If you wish to modify any of the specs, please contact your Local IT Specialist or email for assistance.


  • Updated technology every 4 years (Desktop systems) or 3 years (Laptops).
  • Having an annual computer cost, making budgeting easier. These costs will include; Software Upgrades, Extended Warranty, and Support.
  • Standard computer models across the College, making Support and verifying compatibility and access to various systems simpler and more reliable.
  • Owning a business-class machine, designed to last for years.
The links below are available to be helpful when considering purchasing computer equipment. The first link lists all items that are currently available on a three or four-year cycle. If you have any questions about whether certain hardware or software will function on a computer, please contact AgIT. 
When you are ready to order, use the following order forms:

For assistance with the ordering process, please visit this knowledge base article:
*Note - If you wish to modify any of the specs listed below, please contact your Local IT Specialist or email for assistance.
Fill out the form with the appropriate information and then click the [Save] button. A printable page will be generated. Print the page, sign it, and then email a copy to AgIT at If the signature page fails to generate or will not print, please email and we will send you a .PDF copy of the signature page. Orders will only be considered complete when the signed copy is received by AgIT. Orders cannot be placed without a signed form.
Thank you for your participation in the program. If you have any questions please contact AgIT Support Services at 765.494.8333 or 1.888.226.2438 (phone) or send an email (email request.)