College of Agriculture's Faculty and Staff Directory - User Guide

Welcome! This is your guide to The College of Agriculture’s Faculty and Staff Directory. Use this guide to help you learn, access and edit the Directory.

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Filtering and Searching

  • The CoAg Faculty and Staff Directory has the capability of filtering by department and positions.
  • Search Keywords – This field will search for the keywords and first name + last name. For eg – if the word “deer” is searched, then the directory will display all the profiles with the word “deer” in it.

Access Levels

Admin – Has access to edit all the profiles in the Directory
College Admin – Has access to edit only a college’s profiles. Either College of Agriculture or VET
Department Admin – Has access to edit a particular department’s profile.
User – A user has access to edit their own profile
District Admin – Has access to edit the profiles of a particular district


Edit a Profile

Hide/ Unhide Profile – Admins can hide user profiles they manage by clicking the Hide button on the top right corner of the Edit Profile screen. Once hidden the profile will not be displayed in the directory. 

Caution: This action can only be reversed by a Directory Admin.  Once hidden, the profile is invisible to all regular users, including the profile owner.

This feature can also be used by Directory Admins to hide directory profiles of people who no longer work at College of Agriculture

To hide/ unhide the profile

  1. Log in to with two factor authentication


2. Click on the hide/ unhide profile button on the top right corner and then click “Save Changes”


3. Click "Save"


Image file Recommendation - File size can be up to 1 MB and the recommended dimensions are 200wx280h pixels.

To upload/ edit the photo

  1. Log in to with two factor authentication


2. Click on the upload file icon, then navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload


3. Click "Save"

The custom sections can be utilized to list information like intellectual property, courses, research interests, organizations and any other information that user would want to list on the profile. 

The header of the custom section is editable as well. A user can add up to 20 custom sections.

To add custom sections

  1. Log in to with two factor authenticationauthentication.png
  2. Click on the “add new” button
  3. Enter the section header and summary
  4. Click “Save Changes”


Education consists of the following fields – Degree, School, and Graduation Year. A user can add up to 20 education records

To edit/ add Education

  1. Log in to with two factor authenticationauthentication.png
  2. Click on the “add new” button in the Education se
  3. Enter the degree, school and graduation year
  4. Click “Save Changes”education.png


User can add up to 10 website links

To link a website

  1. Log in to with two factor authenticationauthentication.png
  2. Click on the “add new” button
  3. Enter the website label and website link
  4. Click “Save Changes”links.png

This feature is available to the admins, college admins, department admins, district admins and county admins. The college/ department/ district/ county admins can update the access for people belonging to their college/ department/ district/ county admins. 

How to update access

  1. Login to the Directory
  2. Go to the account whose access needs to be updated.
  3. Click on the pencil on the top right corner
  4. Make a selection from the Access Level dropdown located on the left top corner and click Save

Publications, Patents & Copyrights, Awards & Honors are imported from and are editable in Digital Measures


Directory URL

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Economics

Agriculture Information Technology


Animal Sciences

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication


Botany & Plant Pathology


Forestry & Natural Resources

Food Science

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

International Programs in Agriculture

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions

Staff in these departments are currently included under the Ag Administration filter.

We are only able to include staff who have an active SuccessFactors position in the College of Agriculture.

We display the first 64 characters from the SuccessFactors “Position Title”. Faculty and staff can work with their manager or department head to approve an appropriate title and then coordinate with their local Business Office staff to get the title changed in SuccessFactors. This will update the directory. 

Yes, we plan to release additional updates over the coming months. We will notify you in advance before implementing any functionality changes.

It may take up to an hour for the changes made in Digital Measures to show up on the directory web page