Personal Computer and Mac Procurement Program


To order computers for campus departments

*Do NOT use this form for County Extension Office orders. Please use the link under the heading "To Order Computers for County Extension Offices"*

  • Please click here to go to the order form to order a new computer
  • The total cost of the computer is due at the time the order is placed
  • The order form will ask a few questions so it can make a suggestion to help you choose the best computer option
  • The form will allow you to choose from list of accessories like monitors to add to your order
  • Prices are visible on the form
  • When completed, the form will be emailed to the Purchasing group 
  • You will receive an email confirming the order was received and will give you an issue number to reference
  • A copy of the order will be emailed to your designated approver for approval
  • Once approval is received, purchasing will place the order
  • AgIT will be unaware of your order until it arrives. Please direct questions about your order to Ag Purchasing
  • When your order arrives at AgIT a ticket will be made and you will be asked to list the software you need and to schedule an appointment to either pickup your equipment or to have the equipment brought to your office and installed

to order computers for County Extension Offices:.

Please click to the link below to browse the standard configurations currently available. If you have any questions about whether certain hardware or software will function on a computer, please contact AgIT. 

Click here to browse available devices.

When you are ready to order, use the following order forms:
*Note: It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge when completing the below forms. Other browsers may behave unpredictably.
*Note - If you wish to modify any of the specs, please contact your Local IT Specialist or email for assistance.
Fill out the form with the appropriate information and then click the [Save] button. You will receive an email from within 2 business days asking for your signature. Digital signatures are acceptable. Please return the signed form to Orders will only be considered complete when the signed copy is emailed and received by AgIT. Ag Purchasing will not process the order without a signed form.
Funds are billed annually, nothing is due at the time the order is placed unless upgrades are requested.
Thank you for your participation in the program.
If you have any questions please contact AgIT Support Services at 765.494.8333 or 1.888.226.2438 or send an email​​​​​​​​