Kernel News - Early Season

Kernel News - Early Season

corn fertilizer damage

Corn Root Damage Caused by Fertilizer

Many farmers in Indiana utilize starter fertilizer applications, specifically applied through the planter and in close proximity to the seed, which...

corn emergence

The Process of Emergence in Corn

Once the corn seed is planted, the waiting game for the first corn plants to emerge begins, which also means assessing (or worrying) if any issues...

cultivating corn field

The Corn Mesocotyl and Assessing Abnormal Growth

As a young agronomist, one of the first things I learned was that when assessing corn emergence and stand establishment following planting, is that...

cultivating corn field

How Deep Should Corn Be Planted?

During the heat of planting, one thing that often can be forgotten is thoroughly checking and understanding two items, 1) what seed depth am I...

planted corn field

When is the Best Time to Plant Corn?

As spring approaches and farmers and agronomists begin to get anxious as corn planting approaches, the question that often arrives each year is...

planted corn field

Sidewall Compaction: Why is it Important and How to Avoid it at Planting?

As planting dates continue to get pushed earlier and spring weather conditions become more variable, the chance that corn is planted into less than...

fertilizing field

Corn Planting Considerations for 2022

The key to maximizing corn yield is largely driven by minimizing the impact of potential yield-limiting factors during the growing season.

purple corn

It’s Not Easy Being Green. The Many Colors of Early Season Corn

Over the last couple weeks in central Indiana, average air temperatures have increased by 28% to an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and then again...