Lab Alumni

Jaci Grant


Jacie Grant Jacie Grant fun photo

My projects with Dr. Karcher focus on implementing intercultural learning into undergraduate study abroad programs, and classroom curriculum. By helping students think more globally minded we are hopeful that it will increase their level of essential job skills that employers in the agriculture industry are looking for in recent graduates. One way we do this is by implementing intercultural learning activities into study abroad curriculum to help students get the most out of their time abroad. We also give these activities in an international focused follow up course after the students’ time abroad. The other way we do this is by implementing those intercultural activities into an intro-level animal science course so that even students who do not go abroad still get exposure to intercultural learning and the chance to grow their essential job skills.

MaryGrace Erickson


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My project involved studying the impact of different instructional techniques on levels of student engagement and motivation for undergraduate students.  I then interpreted the data from this study, wrote an abstract, and created a poster that I later presented at Purdue's Undergraduate Research Conference.

Daniel Marks


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During my master's program, under Dr. Liz Karcher, I conducted research on the effect of learning experiences on student interest (based in self-determination theory) for undergraduates and elementary school students. I investigated student motivation and interest in our introductory undergraduate course (ANSC 102) along with developed weekly labs as the laboratory coordinator. Additionally, my thesis research focused on the development and implementation of elementary STEM-curriculum in context of the egg industry. the E.G.G Program consists of online modules, simulation game, interactive notebook, and team project. the program helped increase student agricultural literacy and interest in poultry while supporting 4th and 5th grade academic standards.