Undergraduate Research

Jeffrey Helfrich

2016 - 2017

Jeffrey Helfrich professional photo Jeffrey Helfrich

I had the amazing opportunity to work under Dr. Karcher on my research project of Blood Glucose Concentrations in Different Life Stages of the Laying Hen. Not only did I learn about the process of leading a research project, but Dr. Karcher was always there to assist and guide me whenever I needed help. She taught me valuable skills that I took with me into veterinary school. I especially enjoyed presenting at the Annual Poultry Science Association conference in Orlando.

Macy Erlwein

2018 - 2019

IMG_8807 Macy Fun Photo

My project involved studying the impact of different instructional techniques on levels of student engagement and motivation for undergraduate students.  I then interpreted the data from this study, wrote an abstract, and created a poster that I later presented at Purdue's Undergraduate Research Conference.

Skylar Clingan

2019 - 2020

Skyla Clingan Photo Skylar Fun photo

In coordination with Danielle Marks and the Elementary EGG Program, I worked to develop in interactive science notebook to aid in student engagement and development of agriculture literacy. From this notebook responses we are evaluating if student engagement with the interactive notebook through predictive questions aided in the overall development of agriculture and poultry specific literacy.

Ashley Rosenkrans


Ashley Professional photo Ashley Rosenkrans Fun photo

Dr. Karcher and I are researching methods used to optimize intrinsic motivation and audience engagement during industry and extension meetings. We specifically looked at Shell Egg Academy for our study. During their meeting, we had them self-report their engagement and we compared these to their indicative behaviors of engagement. As we analyze our data, our goal will be to identify what types of presentations foster motivation to learn.