Critter Crafts and Bug Yoga

Bug Yoga!

Bug Hats and Masks

insect masks

For these crafts, you’ll need paper plates, scissors, and crayons or markers. Print out a copy of the mask you want to make, and have fun! (All Ages)

Insect Rings and Bracelets

Patterns for insect rings and bracelets. For these crafts, you’ll need scissors, crayons, and tape or a stapler. (All Ages)

Adjective Scavenger Hunt

These two exercises get kids to practice looking and counting — as well as reinforcing what adjectives are. For a great extension activity, try graphing the different kinds of insects you found on your tally sheet– ants, moths, and more!

Butterfly Symmetry

Insects have bilateral symmetry — which means if you draw an imaginary line through them, they are the same on both sides. Practice thinking about symmetry, shapes, and colors with this exercise.

Spotted Lanternfly Origami

Learn about this invasive species while you also make some art!