Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Christian Krupke

Christian Krupke

Current Lab Members

Younggyun Park

Younggyun Park

Post-doctoral fellow
Hira Poudel

Hira Poudel

PhD student
Sadhana Chhetri

Sadhana Chhetri

MS student
Suleima Patt Patt

Suleima Patt Patt

Visiting scholar


  • Kathleen Miller, MS 2021
    • Currently pesticide safety coordinator at Virginia Tech University
  • Sebastian Shepherd (2018-2021)
    • Currently associate editor at PLoSOne
  • Adam Alford, PhD 2018
    • Currently Assistant Professor, Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Brooke Rudicel (2018)
    • Currently soil conservationist with Indiana NRCS
  • Morgan Lucke, MS 2014
    • Currently 1st Lt. and Medical Entomologist, US Army
  • Steven Smith, MS 2014
    • Currently IPM Technical Services specialist at Bioline Agrisciences North America
  • Madeline Spigler, MS 2013
    • Currently global research/engineering testing at Cook Medical Labs
  • Nicole Parker, MS 2011
    • Currently resident entomologist/co-founder at Little Nourishments LLC
  • Alex Murphy, PhD 2011
    • Currently instructor at Blue Mountain Community College, Adjunct instructor at Oregon State University
  • Nick Seiter, MS 2008
    • Currently assistant professor, University of Illinois
  • Jungkoo Kang, MS 2007, PhD 2013 (University of Illinois)
    • Currently software development engineer, Criteo Labs
  • Paul Marquardt, MS 2007, PhD 2013
    • Currently Turf and Ornamental Field scientist with Corteva AgriScience

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Sally Taylor (2016)
    • Currently Director of Entomology, Cotton Inc.
  • Elizabeth Long (2013-2015)
    • Currently assistant professor of entomology, Purdue University